WATCH: McDonald’s Worker & Customer Fight Over Drink Video

McDonald’s Fight (I RECORDED THIS VIDEO)“This video is exclusively licensed by UNILAD. For all licensing enquiries, please contact” So this happened at McDonald’s… the lady asked for a water cup and supervisor shut down the soda machine because she wasn’t letting her get a free soda. I’ll make a new video about the whole story tomorrow. Make sure you…2018-07-27T00:27:05.000Z

A McDonald’s employee was caught on camera brutally beating a customer after a fight broke out over a free soda. Nevada resident Marie Dayag filmed the confrontation and uploaded it to Instagram.

According to Dayag, a customer, who has been identified as Sabrinah Fontelar, asked for a water cup and then allegedly tried to fill it with soda. The McDonald’s supervisor, Erika Chavolla, turned off the soda machine to prevent the woman from filling her water cup with a soft drink, which angered Fontelar.

In the original footage, the Fontelar can be seen yelling “fight me,” and throwing a french fry at Chavolla shortly before the fight broke out. Chavolla steps out from behind the counter and Fontelar throws a milkshake at her and hits her in the face with a food tray right, sparking the chaos that followed.

Screengrab of Video

Chavolla then grabs Fontelar and starts punching her repeatedly in the face while another employee tries to break up the fight. Chavolla violently swings the woman across a table and continues to pummel her before the second employee tries to intervene. However, the second employee takes an elbow to the face by Fontelar in the process, gives up trying to restrain her, and throws a few punches herself.

Chavolla takes back over, throws Fontelar on the table again and starts shouting “you talk about my mom b–ch, my mama ain’t dead, you respect my mama.”

Chavolla then starts to walk away before Fontelar comes after her again, this time brandishing a chair. Chavolla takes the chair, sets it back on the floor and walks away.

Video of the argument that led to the confrontation was shared by the Daily Mail Friday afternoon. In the new footage, Fontelar can be heard swearing at Chavolla as she works, before throwing a French fry at the counter. The video, obtained by the Daily Mail, shows Fontelar calling Chavolla a “b–ch,” a “fat ass,” and repeatedly telling her to “fight me.

The McDonald’s location at which the fight occurred was not reported, but one report suggested the incident took place at a Las Vegas restaurant.

Several users on Twitter backed Chavolla, asking McDonald’s to not fire her and claiming it was clear from the video that the customer started the confrontation. Some even told McDonald’s to give her a raise.

Donta Morrison wrote: “I truly hope this worker doesn’t lose her job behind this ignorant ‘wanna be entitled at McDonald’s’ chick.”

“Are you f*cking kidding me? She stated the fight, what were the employees supposed to do? It was self defense from a horrible and entitle customer. Don’t start fights you can’t finish, and the customer is not always right!” Might Boy wrote.

Another Twitter user wrote: “If corporate fires the employee over the fight with the rude customer, that is very wrong on your part. They were defending themselves and the company. They should be rewarded for their actions. DO NOT FIRE OR ARREST THESE EMPLOYEES!!”

Others weren’t so impressed by the employee’s actions, stating she should be ashamed of herself, and fired immediately because a soda isn’t worth that kind of reaction.

SalemBlueCruz wrote: “those behemoths better be fired and I hope that girl sues too! All this over soda?!?”

Other Twitter users did what the internet does best and churned out memes and McDonald’s puns.

“Did yall see that fight at McDonalds? I know [BurgerKing] was watching closely because that lady was throwing some whoppers,” Nick Russo wrote.

“Don’t think the one girl is ‘lovin’ it,'” another user posted.

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