Patricia Edelen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Patricia Edelen

Facebook Patricia Edelen charged with tagging neighbor's house with racist hate speech

Patricia Edelen of Toledo, was dragged out of her home and arrested after being caught on home surveillance camera spray-painting a neighbor’s house with a ‘Hail Trump,’ tag and a racial epithet.

A neighbor’s home surveillance camera captured her in the act.

Identified only as Chris, he said he saw her and heard her doing the spraying. And so did his camera.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Patricia Edelen Was Caught Making Several Trips to Spray ‘Hail, Trump. Ni**ers Keep Out,’ & a Swastika on her Neighbor’s House

Patricia Edelen

Patricia Edelen allegedly tagged her neighbor’s house with racist hate speech.

On Friday, a neighbor not only saw and heard Edelen tagging another neighbor’s home, a red brick house, but he could actually hear her doing the spraying, he told local media. And his home surveillance camera ditto. It were shown to police and officers patrolled the neighborhood until Edelen came outside. He said he installed the cameras because of Edelen.

“I can see her going across I can see her shaking a can of spray paint and we can see the person spraying, we can hear the person spraying,” he told local media. And then Chris showed the video to police.

2. With a Signed Warrant, After Edelen Ran From Cops Back Into Her House, They Breached Her Front Door & Brought Her out in Slippers & a Housecoat

Patricia Edelen

Patricia Edelen arrested for tagging her neighbor’s house with racists hate speech.

On the lookout for Edelen, when she opened her front door to let out her dog and came out, police approached her. She had multiple warrants said Sgt. Paul Davis and ran from police so “officers were forced to make forced entry into the residence” and brought her out sans shoes and in a house frock and “took her into custody without further incident.”

Patricia Edelen

Toledo police rush inot the home of Patricia Edelen to affect her arrest for spray painting racist hate speech on her neighbor’s house.

Pat Balderas told local media that the vandalism is more than that “it’s a hate crime. It can’t happen. It has to stop.”

3. Edelson Was Charged With ‘Ethnic Intimidation,’ Criminal Damage & Mischief Among Other Charges

Edleson was charged with” “Obstructing official business hamper or impede public official; ethnic intimidation by reason of race color religion or national origin; criminal damaging\endangering property to cause\create substantial risk of physical harm; and criminal mischief.

According to online court records, the warrant was signed July 14 and she was arrested July 15. Her bond was set at $25,000. She was held at the Lucas County Corrections Center.

4. Toledo City Councilman Peter Ujvagi Called Edelen’s Actions a ‘Racist Hate Crime’ & Celebrated Residents Who on Their Own ‘Eliminated the Stain’

“Overnight a racist, hate crime occurred in Toledo. Today a dozen Toledo citizens, without being asked by anyone, came together to try and eliminate the stain on our heart. I have never been more dismayed and than more proud of Toledo than today.”

5. Edelen’s Facebook Page Has Not Been Updated in Years &Contained a Few Images of a Cat, a Dog & Flowers. She Likes Johnny Cash & The Clash

This was Edelen eight years ago. Her social media was sparse and rarely updated. Her taste in music, film and books is eclectic. There may be other social media or other online footprint but ti was not available immediately via a cursory search so it’s not clear she shared her opinions on politics or race online.

Patricia Edelen

Patricia Edelen tagged house with racist hate speech neighbors and police say.