Trader Joe’s, Hollywood: LAPD Report Possible Hostage Situation

Trader Joe's

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Los Angeles police reported a hostage situation at a Trader Joe’s grocery store in Hollywood Saturday evening. A suspect that police were pursuing crashed his vehicle, got out and ran into a nearby Trader Joe’s store on Hyperion Avenue in the Silver Lake neighborhood, LAPD Officer Mike Lopez told CNN.

A woman inside the Trader Joe’s was killed after the armed man barricaded himself inside the store, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Saturday at a news conference held after the suspect surrendered to police.

Los Angeles police handcuffed a man outside a Trader Joe’s on Saturday evening, bringing an end to the hostage standoff situation.

“We have successfully taken the suspect into custody without incident,” Los Angeles police said on Twitter.

According to Lopez, customers started running out of Trader Joe’s earlier Saturday afternoon and police were still trying to determine whether there are any hostages inside. Lopez says the suspect shot multiple rounds at officers during the chase but no officers were struck. At least one officer returned fire.

“There is an active police incident at the Trader Joe’s near the intersection of Hyperion Ave and Griffith Park Blvd in #Silverlake. Please stay clear of the area,” the LAPD tweeted.

The Suspect Reportedly Shot His Grandmother & Girlfriend Before Firing at Officers During a Pursuit That Led to Trader Joe’s

According to the Associated Press, “Police believe a man involved in a standoff with officers at a Los Angeles supermarket shot his grandmother and girlfriend before firing at officers during a pursuit, then crashing outside the supermarket and running inside the store.”

NBC Los Angeles reports that around 3:30 p.m. the pursuit vehicle was visible, crashed into a pole. LAPD approached the vehicle and rescued one person that was left behind in the pursuit vehicle.

According to NBC Los Angeles the “LAPD was tactically working to rescue employees and suspects trapped inside. Both customers and workers could be seen running from the store to safety, but at least one customer was taken out of the store with injuries and appeared to require immediate medical attention.”

Police Worked to Extract Workers and Customers From the Building While The Suspect Remained Inside

Aerial coverage from a helicopter showed officers carrying a person who appeared to be injured to a vehicle and people climbing out of a store window and down a ladder,” CNN reports.

Lopez said he did not know whether any shots had been fired by the police or suspect. According to NBC Los Angeles, police had the building surrounded and were still trying to take control of the situation around 4:30 p.m.

Workers and customers were seen climbing out of windows while the incident unfolded, and officers can be seen carrying children to safety.

“We are on standby and prepared to support but no confirmation how many patients may be inside,” Stewart added.

Customer Devin Field was reportedly in the store during the altercation. “I was at the Silverlake Trader Joe’s but I got out and am fine. I’m with the employees behind the police barricade on Rowena.”

A 20-Year-Old Female Was Taken to the Hospital With Non-Life Threatening Injuries

Some Twitter users are speculating that it may have been a domestic situation, but nothing has been confirmed by police yet.

KSL Newsradio tweeted that there were “22 people in closet[s] have been texting police. 20 people locked inside cooler. Female shot was dragged away from entry while unconscious. 4-6 people climbed out of a store window.”

Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart said a 20-year-old female patient was transferred to a hospital in fair condition. She was removed from a vehicle, not the inside of the store, Stewart said. It is unclear if there was another woman that was “shot” and “dragged away from entry while unconscious.”

This is a developing story. Heavy will continue to update as more information is known.

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1 Comment

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