Demontrey Logsdon & Lacory Lytle: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Demontrey Logsdon and Lacory Lytle

Metro Nashville Police Department

Demontrey Logsdon was arrested on Monday in connection to a string of shootings that have left three people dead, Nashville police say.

24-year-old Lacory Lytle was apprehended later on Monday, as the second person of interest involved in the robbery-shootings that left three people dead.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Three People Have Been Killed & One Person Paralyzed From the String of Robberies

So far, three people have been killed from the string of incidents across Nashville that police say are connected, as well as one person being paralyzed.

The first event occurred on August 8, when a woman walking her dog. The gunfire reportedly left her paralyzed, according to CBS News.

The next incident occurred a week ago, when 31-year-old Kendall Rice was allegedly gunned down and killed during a robbery while trying to catch a bus on the way to work. Then, four days later, 30-year-old Jaime Sarrantonio and 33-year-old Bartley Teal were killed at a convenience store during a robbery, where the two killers subsequently ran off.

2. Police Have Connected the Incidents Through Surveillance Footage and Shared Accounts

Police have reported connected the string of robberies and murders via surveillance footage, victims’ descriptions of the suspects, and a shared description of a dark colored car leaving many of the crime scenes, per Fox News.

3. Both Lytle and Logsdon Have a Criminal History

Previously, both Lytle and Logsdon have been charged with criminal acts in the past. Lytle was convicted of felony aggravated assault this past May, and he received a five year probated sentence.

As for Logsdon, he was convicted of a robbery in November of 2017 and received a similar five year probated sentence.

4. The Attacks Have Been Called ‘Senseless’ & ‘Coldblooded’ by the Nashville Police Department

In response to the killings, Don Aaron, public affairs manager of the Metropolitan Police Department of Nashville & Davidson County, said via CBS News, “These are two just senseless, cold-blooded homicides.”

Over the last two weeks, there have been four additional incidents across Nashville, and in all of those incidents the victims had given similar accounts of the suspects. It’s unclear which of the incidents, if any, that Lytle and Logsdon have been charged with, as of yet.

5. Lacory Lytle’s Instagram Account Includes Photos of Guns & Bags Filled With Cash

Lytle’s Instagram account includes several photos that include guns and bags filled with cash, though it’s unclear if he took the photos himself or if he grabbed them from another source.

In the post that includes a picture of a handgun and multiple bullets, Lytle captioned it, “My 9 ready for any [n-word] who wants to act stupid”



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