Jacob Caldwell Found a Year After He Disappeared After Witnessing Father’s Murder

Jacob Caldwell Found

FBI Jacob Caldwell is a 15-year-old boy who disappeared a year ago after witnessing the murder of his father. He was found this week.

A year after he went missing, Jacob Caldwell has been found living in a basement in the same state where he disappeared.

Caldwell first disappeared a year ago, after witnessing the murder of his father, Robert Caldwell.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Caldwell Disappeared After He Watched His Father Be Murdered In Front of Him

Caldwell reportedly disappeared in the days following his father’s murder, after he watched his father be killed in front of him. Caldwell and his two brothers were present when his father, Robert Caldwell, was gunned down outside their building on August 15, 2017.

Following Caldwell’s disappearance, police said there was reason to believe someone had helped the boy, though it’s not yet been disclosed who they believe might have helped him.

2. The Shooter Has Since Been Confirmed to Be Sterling Roberts

In the year since Caldwell disappeared, the murderer of Robert Caldwell has since proven to be Sterling Roberts, the then-boyfriend of Caldwell’s mother, Robert Caldwell’s ex-wife Tawnney Caldwell.

In addition to Roberts, Tawney Caldwell is currently in jail facing murder charges for her role in the vent. During Caldwell’s disappearance, Robert Caldwell’s current wife, Candice Caldwell, said of Jacob, “It tears me apart that they’re building this relationship with their other sibling and Jacob is not here. We love him so much.”

Robert Caldwell was killed in the days following a court junction that granted him full custody of his kids from his ex-wife.

3. Caldwell Was Found in the Basement of a Home Where Four Adults Lived, Though it Didn’t Appear That He Was Held There Against His Will

Caldwell was reportedly found in a Miami, Ohio township living in the basement of a home where four adults lived, though authorities have confirmed that Caldwell did not appear to be living there against his will. Police did not reveal how they knew Caldwell was there, beyond referencing a “credible tip.”

Sugarcreek Township Police Chief Michael Brown said, “It was our understanding that he was not outside much. He’s gone a year without school. He’s gone a year without socializing with friends.There was no evidence of him being secured or locked in. I think he could have roamed throughout the house, if he wished.”

4. Brown Has Since Said He Believes Family Members Told Caldwell to Run Away

In a press conference following Caldwell’s safe return, Brown confirmed that Caldwell was not abducted, though police now believe that family members reportedly encouraged Caldwell to run away. Police have not clarified which family members they believed did this.

Police did confirm that the tip leading to Caldwell’s location did come in after new billboards were put up advertising his disappearance in the last few weeks.

5. Relatives Have Told Media That They Are Extremely Excited for Caldwell to Be Home

To 2 News, Caldwell’s uncle, Tyler Caldwell said that it was a “long” year for the family and that moving forward, they were going to prioritize Caldwell’s reintegration to the family above anything else.

Tyler Caldwell said, “We definitely want to make sure that he’s taken care of. Emotionally, physically, I would think that whether he’s going to admit it or not, I think he’s been through a lot of trauma this past year. If you really place yourself at the scene of what Jacob saw and what he went through, it’s unbelievable.”

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