Jimmy Taylor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jimmy taylor

Screenshot American Christian missionary Jimmy Taylor attacks Ugandan hotel workers and uses racial slurs. The 69-year-old from Arizona was arrested, charged and jailed.

American missionary Jimmy Taylor was arrested by police in Uganda after going on a violent racist tirade where he attacked hotel workers and used racial epithets and slurs after he accused them of disgracing Jesus.

Taylor was in Uganda as a missionary. He had arrived recently after doing similar Christian missionary work in India.

Africa News reported that once a video of the racist American pastor emerged online showing him pursuing a hotel employee and slapping him several times on claims that he “disgraced Jesus,'” police were able to identify and locate Taylor.

He’s in a Ugandan jail charged with assault.

Her’s what you need to know:

1. ‘You Obey What I Say …Look at me! Look at Christ Who Died For You… Ni**er!’

In the near 2-minute violent racist attack, Taylor jumps over the hotel lobby counter, throws and smashes items onto the floor and goes after one employee while another can be seen off to the left.

“You hate Jesus. You hate yourself. You hate me. You disgrace Jesus. Huh? Talk. Talk!” And then he punches the hotel front desk staffer in the face. The man restrains himself. Folds his arms and takes another hit. “Come on bitch. Come on, whore. You open my fuc*ing room. I’ll fuc*ing kill you.” And he strikes the man again. An employee, possibly a manager, in blue shirt, comes into the frame and Taylor says, “Sir, sir. He has disgraced Jesus, he has disgraced Jesus.” And then Taylor strikes the man again and again. The employee pushes back but Taylor keeps going. “I’m not gonna tolerate no more. Jesus is not gonna tolerate it …Yeah, film me,” he says when he realizes a camera is recording him.

“Fuck Uganda. I come to love Uganda. I come to help Uganda but Uganda hates Jesus through this son-of-a-bitch. You understand me. Yes, I know you do.” And then puts his hands on the hotel employee in the blue shirt’s face. The employee pulls away. Taylor then says, ““No! No! You obey what I say. I don’t obey you. Open my fuc*ing room now!”

Taylor continues as the men remain calm. “You understand? You understand ni**er bitch. Ni**er. Look at me! Look at Christ who died for you. Look at me. Look at Christ.” The employee who Taylor repeatedly attacked is his primary target. The employee tries to walk away and Taylor cracks him on the back of his head.

2. Uganda Police Posted His Arrest to Twitter & Thanked the Community for Bringing the Video to Light

“Thank you for your vigilance and sending us a video of an incident that happened at Grand Imperial Hotel,” Ugana Police tweeted.

It’s not clear how much time elapsed between the incident and when Taylor was picked up by authorities.

“We have arrested the suspect, Jimmy Taylor, an American citizen. He was detained at the Central Police Station, Kampala on charges of assault.”

The police hash-tagged their tweet, #CommunityPolicing.

Police said hotel surveillance camera footage captured the assault. But Taylor did not come along quietly.

According to two separate reports, Taylor “turned violent on police and reportedly tried to disarm the officers who later arrested him,” one read.

“Upon police efforts to effect his arrest, Taylor spat on officers, turned rowdy, uncontrollable and tried to disarm policemen,” it was reported police said. Taylor also was reported to have confessed but said he has mental illness triggered by stress: “During the questioning, the American national confessed to having attacked the victim. He claimed an illness caused him to suffer stress that drove him to attack the hotel staff.”

Taylor, who told authorities he is a former Marine, was charged with malicious damage in addition to assault. As of Saturday morning, he was detained at Central Police Station Kampala.

3. Taylor, From Florence, Arizona, Has a Public Facebook Page & Thousands of Outraged People Have Posted Comments

Many NSFW, but mostly with the same sentiment: how can a man of God use such violence, bigotry and hatred and be called a Christian. And Taylor, 69, in recent posts shares some unusual comments and likens himself to Christ.

“Jesus Is separating the chaff From the Wheat I have many wealthy ( past friends ) who won’t even support Christ in me for the true needy. I say , Fuck U unworthy bitches, Jesus will command trees to provide me. In the last days, many will say, Lord lord, did we not heal the sick, and cast out demons in thy name, Jesus will say, I never knew u Motherfuc*er, depart from me U workers of inequity. Its not ur Goddam money. Money is useless in ur pocket.”

Some suggested he is mentally ill but do not excuse his behavior. Taylor is said to have told police he has PTSD and said that was the cause of his attack and tirade.

In the days leading up the the attack and his subsequent arrest, Taylor posted inexplicable commentary.

“Same Spirit different jobs. If you claim ONENESS in Christ, it’s 24/7 or Zero. When a Messenger or prophet speaks its the same Christ and obedience to each command is essencle (sic) We immediately obey, its called obedience.”

Before Uganda, Taylor was in India. This post is from his last days there:

“Rejoice! We have successfully connected orphans, lepers,outcasts to Christ body. Its surprising what a little hugging and kissing outcast can wipe away centuries of being outcasts. I’ve instructed others to abandon titles such as orphans, lepers, etc to body of Christ in these villages. We encourage they share something, thus connecting them to Christ body.
Be hot or cold. U reap what u sow.”

4. Taylor Said He Was to be Married on August 18, The Day of His Arrest. His Facebook is a Travel Log of His Adventures

Now littered with comments from people reacting to his violent racist assault captured on video, the original comments from two weeks ago, when he posted he was getting married, a number of people liked his post, wished him well and offered congratulations. He said, “Love transcends all differences.”

It’s not clear who Ester is although he does have friends with that name, albeit two with different spellings. Ester Baraka Taka is a friend and is part of the Tine on the Mountain Ministries in Uganda. It’s not clear if this is the ministry and if this is the correct Ester. His Facebook has numerous clues. Taylor had posted in 2016 he was engaged to be married to another woman. His martial status is unclear.

Before he left Arizona for his mission trip, he posted images of himself with people and businesses who promised to donate funds.

And in past two years, Taylor used his Facebook page to document travels Israel, for example. In 2017, he posted that he was sick, mentally, and not sleeping.

“Bn having, PTSD attacks. My mind is so aggressive, no sleep. Doin my best. When I clear up, I’ll attempt some info …”

5. Ugandans Reacted to the Violent Racist Attack by a Christian Missionary With Incredulity & Many Complained he was Treated With Kid Gloves

While people largely glad to hear Taylor, who was refereed to in numerous reports and tweets as a pastor, was arrested and charged, some remarked he was handled tactfully and delicately as opposed to treatment Ugandans might receive when under arrest.

One woman commented, “Eeeh, why is he still walking? Why is his shirt neatly tucked in? Why does he still have a belt? Had it been a Ugandan! Y’all arrested foreigners with dignity you wouldn’t accord to fellow Ugandans! Nkt”!

“Indeed! Chap got a front row seat in the police Van. He was even offered drinks on arrival at the police. He was asked if he was hungry. He was asked if he had any medical needs. He was asked whether the handcuffs were comfortable. But they treat fellow Ugandans like animals,” posted another person.