Robert John Quade Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rob Quade

Facebook Rob Quade

Robert “Rob” John Quade, 23, is missing after being last seen at a gas station on Friday morning in Edina, Minnesota. His cell phone later pinged 20 miles away, but he was no longer answering texts or phone calls. The Osseo Police Department is seeking the public’s help in finding Robbie Quade. Here is what we know so far about Robert John Quade and what happened.

1. Robert Quade Was Last Seen at a Shell Gas Station in Edina, Driving a Dark Blue Lincoln SUV

Rob Quade

FacebookPhotos on the right show Rob Quade as he was seen in surveillance videos at the gas station.

Rob Quade’s last sighting was around 8:40 a.m. on Friday morning, August 3, at a Shell gas station in Edina, Minnesota, KSTP reported.

When Quade was seen on surveillance footage at the Shell gas station, he was driving a dark blue SUV: a 2004 Lincoln Aviator with the Minnesota license plate 826TNG. (Note: Some reports say he was driving a dark blue Lincoln Navigator SUV.)

The photo above shows surveillance photos from the gas station, which reveal what he was last wearing and what his car looks like.

2. His Cell Phone Pinged 20 Miles Northwest to Medina, Minnesota on Friday Afternoon

Fox 9 reported that his cell phone tracked him all the way to Medina Friday afternoon, which is 20 miles northwest of where he was last seen at the gas station. But he had stopped responding to calls and texts long before that.

He last used his debit card on Friday and there has been no activity on the card since.

3. He Was Wearing a Red Shirt & Black Shorts, & Is 6’1″, 220 Pounds

Rob Quade surveillance photo

FacebookRob Quade surveillance photo

Quade, who has brown hair (some family members say dark blonde) and brown eyes, was last seen on surveillance footage wearing a short-sleeved red shirt and black shorts. He is 6’1″ and 220 pounds. In photos from the gas station, he also appears to be wearing dusty black or grey crocs with short white socks. (See the photo above as an example.)

Here is a closer photo, where he appears to be reading his receipt:

Rob Quade photo

FacebookRob Quade photo

Since he was last seen, he hasn’t had any contact with family or friends, which is very unusual, WCCO reported. His father, Doug Quade, told WCCO: “We don’t know how or why we got to this point. There was so much support for him and we are just struggling to figure out how we can get a hold of him.”

His mother, Mary Quade, said that she texted him several times on Friday morning and throughout the day, and he never responded, Fox 9 reported.

4. Quade Left for Work Friday Morning, but His Family Doesn’t Know Why He Was at that Shell Gas Station

FacebookRob Quade with a friend a couple years ago.

The last time his parents saw Quade, he was leaving for work Friday morning. But his last sighting is unusual, his dad said. “We definitely don’t know, being on the north side of town why he would go to a Shell station (in Edina) to put gas in his car,” Doug Quade said.

If his son was listening, he wanted Robert to know: “You know there’s nothing too big that we can’t overcome.” Doug told Fox 9 that he wanted his son to know there would be no questions asked. “There’s nothing that you could do that could us or any of us not want you here. Please. Come back.”

5. Quade Is a Recent St. John’s University Graduate

FacebookQuade in a 2017 photo.

Quade is a recent graduate of St. John’s University, WCCO reported. He played one season of football there as a freshman. According to his Facebook page, he lives in Osseo, Minnesota, and also attended Totino-Grace High School, where he was the student body president.

Friends and family are spreading the word about Quade on social media and expressing their concern and hopes that he is OK. One person wrote: “Come home you are so loved!!!! Hearts are breaking here because your heart is so huge and filled with purpose – we miss you so already!!!!”

If you have any information about Quade, please call the Osseo Police Department via the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office at 952-258-5321. Or call 911.