Shooting at Rockies Bar in College Station, Texas: SWAT Responding

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A shooting was reported at Rockies, a bar in College Station, Texas. SWAT is responding and the College Station Police Department’s Hostage Negotiations Team is on the scene. Here is what we know so far.

The incident occurred at Rockies Grill and Saloon at 2501 Texas Avenue South. It appears that someone shot a gun in the establishment, but at this time no one is injured. However, a window at Rockies was damaged, KAGSNews reported. The shooting happened around 11 a.m. on Monday morning, KWTX reported, and as of 4 p.m. the police department’s attempt to contact the person inside had been unsuccessful. By 5:30 p.m., police said that attempts to negotiate were still “ongoing.” Police said they believe the person is inside alone.

The shots that were first heard were fired inside the building, but they weren’t aimed at anyone in particular, officials said. The shots were just warning shots of some sort. However, College Station police later confirmed that the Rockies suspect fired additional shots inside the building, but injured no one.

The gunman had disconnected the phone inside the building, making contact with the person difficult KAGS reported. Police then attempted to place a police phone near the door to see if the person would answer that phone.

As of 5:30 p.m., the police department reported that negotiations were still ongoing. The incident started at 11 a.m.

When the incident first started, police tweeted on social media: “A subject entered Rockies and fired a gun. We do not know how many rounds have been fired. No one is injured at this time. SWAT and our Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT) are on scene working towards a peaceful resolution.”

Despite the Hostage Negotiations Team being on the scene, the College Station Police Department said on Twitter that there were no known hostages. Police wrote on Twitter: “At this time, there is no known hostage. HNT is on scene to negotiate toward a peaceful resolution. The name of our Hostage Negotions Team (HNT) can sometimes be confusing — the majority of the time they are negotiating and there is no hostage.”

In a livestreamed press conference, Lt. Craig Anderson said that the Hostage Negotiation Team was attempting to make contact with the person inside the bar. The police found out about the situation when a citizen called in after hearing the gunshots. At this time, police don’t know the person’s motive and said the man might no longer be armed.

Here is the video of the first press conference below. The audio is difficult to hear until the end.

Police have said that if people are near Rockies, they should not walk outside, but instead should shelter in place and wait for the police to evacuate them, especially if they have a line-of-sight to Rockies. Evacuees were escorted to the TruFit parking lot, where they can be picked up.

It’s important to note that you should not evacuate yourself if you’re in the area. Businesses across Texas from Rockies are sheltering in place and should wait for evacuation instructions from the police.

Texas Avenue was shut down at Southwest Parkway to aid with police efforts.

Rockies Grill & Saloon is near Texas A&M University.

Here is a map of the area:

And another map, as provided by the College Station Police:

Businesses immediately near the area include 40 Tempura Sushi, Sour Apple Repair, and Planet Fitness.

Evening shift patrol officers were called in early, as the scene remains active and ongoing.

This is a developing story.

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