Tyra Jones: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tyra Jones

Tyra Jones Tyra Jones of Mobile, Alabama says this couple pulled a gun on her while driving

Tyra Jones of Mobile, Alabama was threatened by another driver with a gun on August 4. Jones says the man pulled alongside her vehicle and drew a gun. He was also shouting and calling her ugly names.

Rather than grab her own gun, Jones instead reached for her phone and snapped a picture. Police have not yet identified the two people in the other car.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Tyra Jones Says She Believes Road Rage Prompted the Unexpected Outburst

Tyra Jones says she had been driving the speed limit and believes the couple in the car behind her was annoyed that she wasn’t traveling faster. Jones had her teenage sister in the car with her.

After getting off the highway, Jones made it to a stoplight. The Toyota Camry pulled up alongside her. Jones told local NBC affiliate WPMI that she was terrified when she saw the driver pull a gun. He was waving it around and calling her names, while the woman in the passenger seat was reportedly telling Jones to get out of the car to fight.

Jones had her own gun concealed in the car. But she decided to keep it locked away, fearing that getting it out would only escalate the situation. Instead, she reached for her phone and snapped photos of the couple. The other driver sped away after seeing the phone.

2. Tyra Jones Went to the Police and Posted the Photos on Social Media to Warn Others of the Danger

Tyra Jones said in the interview with WPMI that she was terrified for her life and her sister’s. “You are waving a gun at me, that’s going to give me the impression you want to shoot me. If you want to shoot me, you have the intent to kill.”

Jones assumes that she is not the first person to be threatened like this. She says she hopes that by getting the word out and sharing the images, she’s able to warn other drivers and hopefully prevent the couple from threatening anyone else.

Jones asked her Facebook friends to help her identify the couple. She wrote, “Who people is this ? One thing you don’t do is threaten me or my lively hood, God saved y’all today. People getting sent home in caskets so be smarter next time. Y’all really followed me BECAUSE of WHAT ?? dummy learn how to drive. Since y’all so hard here go your fame?❤️ Took place at the light of Exit 3 onto airport Blvd.”

3. Police Say the Drivers Involved Could Face Menacing Charges

Police in Mobile, Alabama have not yet identified the driver who pulled the gun on Tyra Jones. She has written on Facebook that she still does not know what specifically triggered the road rage. Jones responded to a friend on her social media page that “they wouldn’t even say what I did wrong. They were violent the minute they pulled up on the side of me. I’m still lost on why.”

Jones has also been commended for keeping calm as the couple screamed at her. She says the woman in the car had been yelling at her to get out of the car and fight. Jones explained on Facebook that she didn’t rise to the bait because “I’m not stupid … it’s cool tho karma real.”

Police say threatening and pointing a gun is considered a menacing charge. Under Alabama law, “A person commits the crime of menacing if, by physical action, he intentionally places or attempts to place another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury.” Menacing is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to one year behind bars.

4. Tyra Jones is a College Student Studying History at the University of Mobile

tyra jones

FacebookTyra Jones snapped a photo of another driver threatening her with a gun in Mobile, Alabama

Tyra Jones is a college student originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. According to her LinkedIn page, she is working toward a bachelor’s degree in history at the University of Mobile in Alabama.

The page states that she is also studying government and law, and minoring in Spanish. She is scheduled to graduate next year. She graduated high school in 2015.

5. Tyra Jones Says She Spends Her Free Time Coaching and Tutoring Children

Tyra Jones

When she’s not in school, Tyra Jones spends her time working with younger students. Her LinkedIn page lists cheerleading and coaching as activities she enjoys. She works as a coach at the Nasser Gymnastics Academy in Mobile.

Tyra Jones says she also devotes her time to tutoring elementary school students. On her Facebook page, she has written in her bio, “Don’t bother to out do your contemporaries or predecessors but instead be better than your self.”