TV News Anchor Reports on Own Daughter’s Overdose Death

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Angela Kennecke, a news anchor with KELO in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, reported her own daughter, Emily Groth’s, drug overdose death live on air. Kennecke’s tragic story is getting national attention after the veteran anchor appeared on CBS This Morning on September 7. Kennecke, 52, reported on her daughter’s death in May 2018. Emily Groth was 21 years old.

TV anchor shares personal story of loss to fight stigma of opioid addictionThe CDC estimates overdoses killed more than 72,000 people last year, and it has become the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. News anchor Angela Kennecke of CBS affiliate KELO-TV in South Dakota has covered the overdose crisis for about 10 years. Four months ago, Kennecke lost her own daughter…2018-09-07T13:04:15.000Z

Kennecke told the audience in May, “On May 16, my 21-year-old daughter Emily died of an overdose. Her official cause of death was fentanyl poisoning. The loss of a child especially in this sudden and shocking way has turned my life upside down. I never intended a member of my family to become part of the statistic you hear on the evening news. Nobody does. There is no recovery for me or my family from the loss of our talented, smart, beautiful daughter Emily.” Kennecke goes on to say that her “only choice” was to move forward. Kennecke says that by sharing her story with the audience, she’s doing just that.

Kennecke told CBS News that she and other family members had scheduled an intervention for Emily on May 19, three days before her death. Kennecke said that her daughter had become attracted to drug culture but the news anchor didn’t know about her daughter’s involvement with opioids. Emily had been scheduled to go into rehab on May 20. Kennecke said, “We didn’t get that chance. We didn’t get a chance get her into real treatment.”

Kennecke has set up a charity, Emily’s Hope, in honor of her daughter. The charity’s goal is to prevent other families from being forced to go through the tragedy of drug overdoses.

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