Ann Wesche, Roger Stone’s First Wife: 5 Fast Facts

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Ann Elizabeth Wesche Stone is the ex-wife of Roger Stone, a political consultant and longtime ally of President Donald Trump, for 16 years. They got married in 1974 and divorced in 1990. He married current wife Nydia in 1992.

Stone defended her former husband on social media shortly after he was arrested on January 25, 2019. He faced seven federal charges including witness tampering, obstruction, and making false statements. A jury found him guilty on all counts on November 15, 2019. He will be sentenced on February 6, 2020.

At the beginning of the case, Ann Stone suggested on Facebook that the charges were fabricated, writing, “Roger expected this. Note they are alleged process crimes.” A friend asked her to clarify what “process crimes” were. She responded, “They are ‘created’ by the investigation not by any Crime actually related to Russia.” Stone later doubled down on assessment, writing, “I believe he is innocent and I know him better than most.”

She later posted about an interaction she had with a reporter following Roger’s arrest. Stone wrote, “As I mentioned earlier I am at the RNC Winter meeting in Alburquerque. The reporters were in my face right away this morning asking if I thought Roger would flip on Trump. I said “NO WAY”…they said even with jail time? I said Roger considers loyalty as the number one value in politics…he will NEVER flip on his friend… I may be his ex wife but I know that personal value has not changed.”

After the guilty verdict was read on November 15, she wrote on Facebook that the verdict had been “preordained” and that the judge “had convicted him before the trial started.” She added, “But you can really thank Steve Bannon who testified against him (payback) and Rick Gates who testified against him to try to avoid jail time. Roger had two Judases not just one. Roger’s main crime was helping convince Donald Trump to run and then backing him.”

Ann Stone promotes conservative ideas on Facebook, but breaks with her party on the issue of abortion. She launched a group called Republicans for Choice in the 1990s.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Ann Wesche & Roger Stone Met at George Washington University & Married in 1974

Ann Elizabeth Wesche and Roger Stone are both Connecticut natives. She grew up in Stratford while her former husband was born in Norwalk. Stone was the youngest of four siblings. Her father, Jack Wesche, died when she was a young child. Stone told the Washington Post in 1992 that her mother, Edith, struggled to make ends meet and that they lived “near the poverty level.”

The pair met in college. They both attended George Washington University, Roger dropped out in order to work for President Richard Nixon’s re-election committee. Ann Stone graduated in 1974 with a bachelor’s degrees in history and communication, according to her Linkedin page. While there, Ann Wesche served as the head of the College Republicans club. She later attended Wharton Business School and studied corporate finance.

In a 1986 profile, Ann Stone spoke about how her husband began working as a political advisor while they were students. “I remember sitting in Roger’s dorm and having state legislators from New York call him and ask how they should vote on issues.”

The couple tied the knot in 1974. In the Washington Post article referenced above, Stone said she and Roger simply grew apart. “We both decided it was the right thing. You know you’ve grown apart when you go to the video store together and pick out separate videos and go to the house into separate rooms to watch them.”

2. Ann Stone Became Active in Conservative Politics From a Young Age; Her Experience Included Working as a Fundraiser For the Reagan Campaign

Roger Stone has the more well-known name, but Ann Wesche Stone has been just as involved with politics as her ex-husband. Her committment to advancing women’s issues began in college. She was part of the non-profit organization “American Association of University Women” for nearly three years.

After spending two years at a marketing job, Stone transitioned into a career focusing on politics. She became a state chairperson for Young Republicans and joined the Reagan campaign as a fundraiser.

At the same time, Stone began working for Richard Viguerie, a conservative fundraiser. She wrote on her Linkedin profile that she was the “youngest person ever to be a VP of this very conservative company…at age 25.” Stone stayes with the the Viguerie Company for six years, until 1982.

3. Ann Stone is Pro-Choice & Faced Backlash From Members of Her Own Party When She Founded ‘Republicans for Choice’ in 1990

Ann Wesche Stone has long been described as a committed Republicans. But she faced backlash from the party establishment when she created a political action committee called “Republicans for Choice” in 1990. A 1992 profile on Stone in People stated that her pro-abortion stance was perfecty in line with her Republican values: “she naturally opposes government interference in private lives.”

Stone’s is also a founding director of the National Women’s History Museum, which is located in Alexandria, Virginia. It opened in 1996. Stone is still a board member for the museum, a position she says is pro bono.

According to the musuem’s website, Stone played a major role in the organization’s successful push to have a statue called the “Portrait Monument” moved into the Capitol Rotunda. The Smithsonian reported that the statue, which portrays suffragettes Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott and Susan B. Anthony, had been “trapped in a broom closet” for seven decades, in the Capitol’s crypt.

4. Ann Stone Earned Her Wealth By Launching a Direct Marketing Business Called the Stone Group

As pointed out above, Ann Wesche Stone was not born into a wealthy family. She earned her wealth after launching a direct marketing business called Stone Group, Inc. She started the company in 1982, when she was 29 years old. As Stone explained on Linkedin, the company was best known for “political and public advocacy work.”

The 1992 profile in People described Stone as a self-made millionaire. Her primary home is in Alexandria, Virginia. But she also purchased a second home in Key Biscayne, Florida, as well as a beach house in Delaware. The piece also mentioned the Mercedes-Benz she drove, with a bumper sticker depicting the “Republicans for Choice” logo.

Stone has also traveled all around the nation as a public speaker and consultant.

5. Ann Wesche Stone, Like Her Ex-Husband, is a Strong Supporter of President Trump

Ann Wesche Stone, based on her Facebook and Twitter profiles, is an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump. She is also active in the Republican party. On January 25, 2019, she shared on Facebook that she was in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting. She wrote, “Lots of good things going on. We still need to work harder at getting women to see past the President’s rhetoric and recognize his accomplishments that make their lives better!!”

Stone has posted frequently about her distate for the left. On January 24, she shared an article about the Covington Catholic story with the caption, “The hate Lynch Mob of the Left has got to stop or be stopped.” Stone posted the same day, “The GOP remains the Party of Lincoln. The Democrats have become the Party of Lenin. Sad.”

She has shared her support for a border wall as well. Stone called Pope Francis a hypocrite for his denunciation of a wall. “Pope Francis says ‘builders of walls’ sow fear and divide – CNN What a truly stupid comment… Then tear down the wall around the Vatican you hypocrite.”

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