Connor Scott: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Connor Scott

Facebook Connor Scott walked into a police station and admitted killing Kaylyn Whitaker in 2014.

Connor Scott is an Illinois man who confessed to killing girlfriend Kaylyn Whitaker in 2014 and turned himself in to police Sunday, WTHR reports.

Scott, 24, surrendered himself to Danville, Indiana Police on Sunday after confessing to killing 20-year-old Kaylyn Whitaker in 2014.

Whitaker died on Halloween under suspicious circumstances in Martinsville, Illinois. Whitaker, an Indiana native, was initially said to have committed suicide while with Scott at his home but investigators later determined it was a homicide.

Whitaker was shot in the head at his home. Scott was never charged.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kaylyn Whitaker Mysteriously Died of a Gunshot Wound to The Head on Halloween 2014

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Whitaker, 20, was found dead from a gunshot wound at Connor Scott’s home on October 31, 2014.

Scott, her boyfriend at the time, was believed to have been with her at the time of her death, Indiana news site reported.

“She was a good girl, good person, very kind, very loving.” her mother Leslie Roberts told the outlet. “Kaylyn’s loved ones continue to seek answers and justice.

2. Police Initially Believed Whitaker Committed Suicide

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Police initially believed that Whitaker had shot herself and determined that her death was a suicide.

According to Whitaker’s autopsy, investigators changed their determination to her death being a homicide 10 months later, MyWabashValley reported.

Scott was never charged with a crime.

“We deserve closure, we deserve peace,” Roberts told the outlet. “This is a homicide case, it has been since 2015 and nothings being done about it and I am angry, very angry.”

Whitaker’s family told the outlet that investigators have a list of evidence that shows Kaylyn was murdered, including interviews, forensic photos, and a crime scene recreation video.

“It is my opinion that Kaylyn could not have shot herself in the location where the bullet entered her skull,” Illinois Appellate Prosecutor Ed Parkinson, who is overseeing the case, told MyWabashValley. “The amended finding as a cause of death as a homicide best fits the situation in this case.”

“I’ve looked at hundreds and hundreds of suicidal wounds, more than a hundred homicidal gunshot wounds it is my opinion that this is not a suicide,” former Vigo County Coroner Dr. Roland Kohr agreed.

“During the investigation, suspicious circumstances led Investigators to turn the case from the initial report of a suicide, to a homicide investigation,” Illinois State Police said in a statement.

3. Scott Was Not Charged After Police Determined Whitaker Died of Homicide

Parkinson told MyWabashValley that Scott had been cooperative with their ongoing investigation but suggested even before his confession that police believed Scott may have killed Whitaker.

“I’m not calling him a suspect because we haven’t filed any charges. He was her fiancé, boyfriend, together at the time and they were together at the time of her death,” he said.

“It is true, from what we can tell that she did die gunshot wound in the company of that person,” he added.

4. Scott Turned Confessed to Murdering Whitaker on Sunday

Six months ago, Scott moved to Danville, Indiana, WTHR reported.

On Sunday, Scott walked into a Danville police station and turned himself in.

Police said in a news release they “obtained a taped confession regarding the murder.”

Scott was taken to the Hendricks County Jail in Indiana and is expected to be extradited to Illinois.

First-degree murder charges are pending, Illinois State Police told ABC News.

5. Scott’s Confession Came After Police Took His Guns Away

Scott’s confession came just weeks after police in Danville confiscated his weapons after his current girlfriend reported that she feared he was suicidal, WTHR reported.

The firearms were confiscated under a “Red Flag Law” that allows police to seize weapons from mentally unstable or dangerous persons.

The guns were confiscated on February 6. A hearing was scheduled for March 7 to determine if he could get his weapons back.

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