Bernie Sanders’ Iowa City Rally Turnout Was So Large, He Gave a Second Speech to an Overflow Room [PHOTOS]

Bernie Sanders in Iowa City

Twitter/Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders in Iowa City

Today, Bernie Sanders hosted his second Iowa rally in Iowa City. And even before he gave his main speech, he stepped outside of the main venue and gave a preview speech to an overflow crowd who couldn’t get into the venue. Tonight’s rally took place in the Iowa Memorial Union on Friday evening, March 8. The event was co-sponsored by the University Democrats and the Young Democratic Socialists, and it was held in the Main Lounge of the Iowa Memorial Union. The main lounge’s capacity setup is 1,200 if it’s a theater setup. But so many people showed up, they needed an overflow room for everyone. Some estimated that overflow crowd numbered at least an additional 500, maybe more. Read on to see crowd photos and learn more about tonight’s rally. (See stories from last night’s rally here.)

The venue was packed tonight. So many people showed up that some had to be turned away and sent to an overflow room.

About 500 people couldn’t get in, so Sanders went to them.

Here’s another view of Sanders talking with his supporters in the overflow room.

In fact, Sanders opened his speech by saying, “We should have gotten a bigger room.”

And Jeff Weaver was seen tonight too.

Homemade fan shirts and live music were featured tonight.

And some “Bernie Bros,” as this Twitter account shared:

It was a packed house.

During the event, Sanders talked about the problems of urban gentrification and the decline of rural America. He advocated for building affordable housing that is desperately needed in many communities.

Sanders talked about factory farms and agribusiness, which impressed quite a few people.

He also talked about protecting women’s rights.

Freya Buhr, 19, told Business Insider that she was there for her 19th birthday and supports Sanders because his “platform has always been in support of women.”

And Aluna Olaniyi, 18, told Business Insider that she supports Sanders because he believes in stopping climate change and in fixing the system to help minorities and ensuring everyone is treated equally.

And he emphasized the need for a Medicare for All system.

Sanders ended the rally with “Taking it to the streets” by The Doobie Brothers.

Here are more crowd photos from Press Citizen:

And a photo shared on Reddit by u/wearyspacewanderer.

If you missed the rally, you can watch it in the video below.

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And here’s the speech he gave to the overflow room.

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