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Christopher John Salgado

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One might say that there is indeed a time and place–and, most importantly, a set of content guidelines– for sharing images on social media. But, not all heed to said rules.

According to new reports, Miami doctor and gender reassignment surgeon, Christopher John Salgado, has been fired for posting genital pictures, reported to have been pictures of his patients, on Instagram.

What’s happening in the news of Christopher John Salgado?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Christopher John Salgado Was Regarded as a Top Surgeon Before He Was Reportedly Fired

Salgado is a 50-year-old Miami doctor, according to reports. The Miami Herald newspaper says that he was, in fact, a top-ranking doctor: a section chief at UHealth’s LGBTQ Center for Wellness, Gender and Sexual Health.

Salgado has been accused of abusing his role by violating the privacy of his patients.

According to the Miami Herald, Salgado violated confidentiality, privacy, and other sensitive matters as recently as on Valentine’s Day.

The newspaper claims that, on that day, Salgado shared a photo of a penis he had removed from a transgender patient–one which he had shaped into a heart. Underneath the photo, according to Miami Herald, Salgado captioned, “There are many ways to show your LOVE.”

2. Christopher John Salgado Appeared on Jazz Jennings’ Reality Show

Jazz Jennings is an American teen, YouTube personality and LGBT rights activist, who had Salgado on her show.

“Say hello to my ever-changing form!✨,” Jennings captions on her Instagram post above. “You can judge her all you want and comment that I’m fat, unattractive, a man, etc., or you can think those things in your head, but I know my own beauty and worth, and nothing that you say can stop me in my tracks!??‍♀️I love you all, and I hope this inspires you to be confident and realize that beauty has no limitations!??‍♀️??”

Salgado has never been disciplined by the Florida Department of Health, according to Daily Mail, and he sat down with Jazz Jennings for a gender reassignment consultation, on her show, which is called I Am Jazz.

3. The Most Recent Confirmation of Christopher John Salgado Losing His Job Is on Wednesday

NBC News, which covered Salgado as having lost his job for posting graphic images of patients who were undergoing gender-reassignment surgeries, also reported that Salgado had been terminated from the medical center.

NBC News says that on Wednesday the University of Miami Health System confirmed with them that Salgado no longer works at the University of Miami Health System’s medical center.

The organization did not fully elaborate on Salgado’s exit, but the University of Miami Health System, did release a statement:

“The University of Miami is committed to promoting and supporting diversity in its students, faculty, and staff and finds any transphobic comments unacceptable,” the University of Miami Health System wrote, according to NBC News. “As health care providers, we continue to have a team of experts dedicated to delivering the full continuum of care for gender reassignment patients.”

Salgado can still be seen on Instagram at a reported Christmas Party for work in the above picture, which is captioned, “The Dream Team, celebrating at the annual holiday party #drsalgado #umh #gendersurgeons #dreamteam #holidayparty.”

4. Christopher John Salgado Has Now Deleted His Instagram Account

As of the time of this writing, Salgado’s Instagram account, which Daily Mail reported as @sexsurgeon, is nowhere to be seen. However, some posts still show Salgado with his medical colleagues.

UMH Gender Surgery captions above, “We had a visit from this special girl last month. It made our day. #IAmJazz #transisbeautiful #umh #drsalgado.”

Instagram’s policies do not allow for a permanently deleted account name to be recovered or revived, making it unlikely that Salgado’s handle @sexsurgeon would ever resurface in the near future.

5. Patients Appeared to Trust Christopher John Salgado

University of Miami Health System’s handle, @umhgendersurgery, on Instagram often reported the care that doctors took with patients.

“We ❤ our patients and have special relationships with each of them,” the account tweeted in the above Instagram photo. “Diana & Dr Salgado. #transisbeautiful #drsalgado #gendersurgeons #umh”

In another photo, the University of Miami Health System’s handle, @umhgendersurgery, tweeted the following:

“Our very own #DrSalgado filming with @local10news this morning, in the new clinic #transgender #transisbeautiful #lgbtq #kathleencorso,” the medical center said in its caption above.

Instagram user @dianastica commented in the comments section of the above post, “It was a pleasure filming with Dr. Salgado and a privilege to be his patient.”

This relatively high level of trust in and regard for Salgado makes the story of his breach even more curious and compelling.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996–known commonly as HIPAA law–was enacted by the United States Congress as a means of preventing any medical organization from revealing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). HIPAA emphasizes patient privacy, and medical professionals are warned not to violate the trust nor privacy of patients.

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