Savanna Grace White: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Savanna Grace White

Spartanburg County Detention Center Savanna Grace White charged with attacking rival woman with stun gun.

Savanna Grace White is a South Carolina woman charged with attacking the girlfriend of her child’s father with a stun gun, WYFF reports.

White, 21, was arrested Tuesday after police found her fighting with the other woman in a driveway in Spartanburg.

Police say White drove to the woman’s home and attacked her with a stun gun. The woman was able to wrestle the stun gun away from White and held her down until police arrived, they said.

A 911 dispatcher heard a woman say “I’m going to kill you” as deputies were called.

The woman told police that she had tried to get a restraining order against White just that morning because she had been harassing and threatening her.

White claimed that she went to the house because she believed the woman was abusing her child.

White was charged with third-degree assault and battery.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Savanna Grace White Drove to Confront Child’s Father’s Girlfriend

Police: Woman Arrested After Stun Gun Attack Outside Victim's HomeA woman who allegedly attacked another woman with a stun gun in front of a home was arrested Tuesday, authorities in South Carolina said. Matt Yurus reports.2019-03-14T19:55:29.000Z

The alleged victim told police that White drove to her home Tuesday to attack her.

The woman said that she locked the gate to keep White out and called 911.

She said that White got through the gate and attacked her with a stun gun.

“I’m going to kill you,” a 911 dispatcher heard a woman say on the call.

2. White Used a Stun Gun to Attack the Woman, Police Say

The woman told police that White attacked her with a stun gun but she was able to wrestle it away and pinned White to the ground until police arrived.

The woman’s father-in-law, who was the residence at the time, corroborated the woman’s story.

A sheriff’s deputy arrived to find two bloodied women in the driveway with a stun gun lying nearby.

A deputy called for an ambulance to come to the scene after finding White bleeding profusely from her head. Police said White was the only one who was bloodied in the attack.

3. Alleged Victim Tried to Get a Restraining Order Against White

The alleged victim told police that she had gone to the Spartanburg Sheriff’s Office that morning to try to get a restraining order against White.

The woman said White had been threatening and harassing her because she was dating her child’s father.

White told deputies that she went to confront the woman because she believed she was abusing her child. She claimed she brought the stun gun for self-defense.

4. White’s Child Was in the Car During the Attack

Deputies determined that White was the primary aggressor because she drove to the home. The other woman was not charged.

Deputies said White’s child was in the car during the assault.

A relative was called to take the child into custody after White was arrested.

5. White Was Charged With Assault and Battery

White was charged with third-degree assault and battery in the attack.

She was taken to Spartanburg Memorial Hospital to be treated for her injuries.

She was later booked into the Spartanburg County Detention Center.

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