Pete Buttigieg Had Husband Chasten Eat a Scotch Egg On Their First Date

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Wikimedia Commons Image by Ewan Munro.

Pete Buttigieg introduced his now-husband, Chasten Glezman Buttigieg, to his all-time favorite bar snack during their first date in September of 2015: a Scotch Egg.

Buttigieg brought Chasten to the Fiddler’s Hearth Pub in South Bend. The owners wrote on the website that they “proudly represent the Seven Celtic Nations” with “great music, high-quality food and drink from the Celtic lands, and a relaxing atmosphere.” One of those items from the Celtic lands is the Scotch egg.

What is a Scotch Egg?

Here’s what you need to know.

1. A Scotch Egg is a Hard-Boiled Egg Wrapped in Sausage, Covered in Bread Crumbs & Then Fried

To make a Scotch Egg, the first step is to hard boil the egg. It is then wrapped in sausage meat and rolled in bread crumbs. The snack is fried before it is ready to be served.

The Fiddler’s Hearth described the egg on its menu as having a “creamy yolk.” A single egg goes for $6 or you can get 2 for $11.

The Scotch Egg would not be described as the type of snack to eat if one is trying to lose weight. According to LiveStrong, one egg is about 300 calories. It includes about 21 grams of fat, 16 grams of carbohydrates and 12 grams of protein, By comparison, a boiled egg by itself is about 78 calories.

Pete Buttigieg Joked That He Knew a Relationship With Chasten Glezman Was Possible When He Agreed to Try a Scotch Egg

chasten glezman

Gettyhasten Glezman (L), and Mayor Peter Buttigieg at the 2017 GLSEN Respect Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on October 20, 2017 in Los Angeles.

Pete Buttigieg and Chasten Glezman first met on the dating app “Hinge” in August of 2015. They spoke over the phone and via Facetime for a few weeks before meeting up for their first official date. Glezman was living in Chicago at the time and working toward a master’s degree in education at DePaul University. He drove to South Bend for the date.

Buttigieg took Glezman to the Fiddler’s Hearth and insisted that he sample the Scotch Egg. Buttigieg joked in their New York Times wedding announcement that he knew the relationship “had a shot” once he saw that Glezman “was down for the Scotch egg.”

Glezman called it a “magical moment” in an interview with the newspaper. “I mean, sure, it’s a fried ball of meat with an egg in the middle, but when it came to the table my little Midwestern heart leapt.”

He has also described some of the conversations the couple shared on that first date. Glezman wrote on Twitter on March 27, 2019, about learning that Buttigieg had musical talent:

“INT. Irish Pub
The two gentlemen are sharing a pint on their first date.
Chasten: do you play any instruments?
Peter: the piano and guitar
Chasten: oh neat. ever played in public?
Peter: yeah I played Rhapsody in Blue with the symphony orchestra
Chasten: *spits beer on table*”

Don’t Be Fooled By the Name; The Scotch Egg Did Not Originate in Scotland

The name “Scotch” does not refer to Scotland. Rather, it describes a type of meat preparation and the egg was actually a British creation– though there is a debate about how the snack came into existence.

According to one version, the owner of a London department store called Fortnum & Mason developed the Scotch egg in the 18th century. It was meant as a snack for wealthy customers to take with them as they ventured out of the city to their country homes.

Another idea is that the Scotch egg was inspired by a meat-and-egg dish from India called “nargisi kofta” that British soldiers brought home with them. According to the Duke Perspective, “the egg was wrapped in lamb mince, fried, and served covered in a yogurt-based, brown gravy.”

The Scotch egg may also have been introduced to British diners via North Africa. The Guardian reports that the technique of wrapping a hard-boiled egg in meat can be traced back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

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