WATCH: Gas Station Cashier Screams at Spanish-Speaking Woman

Grecya Moran

Univision A cashier was fired after yelling at Grecya Moran.

Videos of a Shell gas station clerk yelling at a customer in San Jose, California went viral after the customer posted them to social media. The customer, Grecya Moran had been in conversation, speaking in Spanish with another employee of the store when the clerk began shouting. The clerk insisted that the woman speak English because they were in America.

The US is one of the world’s most diverse linguistic countries and has, on a federal level, no official language. Here’s what happened when an Idaho county offered Spanish-language ballots in 2018.

The San Jose, California Shell gas station incident occurred on March 28.

Grecya Moran Posted the videos to Facebook

Grecya Moran

Facebook/Grecya MoranGrecya Moran with media.

The initial post of the three videos was shared 5.5k times.

Moran posted a follow up to Facebook after an outpouring of social media support and media coverage. She wrote in both Spanish and English, “Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart friends , i love you all thank you so much for all your support ❤️??❤️I hope and prey this ends soon , and we are humans too we deserve respect God bless you all .”

Moran added, “Thank you very much once again friends and friends, I thank you for all your support ❤️❤️❤️?? thanks to the reporters for sharing my story. This is a good and bad experience, good because I have been shown your support, and bad because it is very sad to suffer a discrimination only by our appearance, I hope in God that this racism will come soon and please never let us stay silent.”

The Shell Clerk was Fired the Same day

Moran says the conversation in Spanish with the other Shell station employee had been brief before it was interrupted by the shouting clerk, who was later fired.

“She started saying something about, ‘Trump needs to hurry up and build the wall.’ That’s when I was like oh my God, she’s being serious,” Moran said. “I just got my phone, started videotaping her,” Moran told ABC.

Moran says the clerk grew more hostile after Moran attempted to apologize.

“Just because i was talking spanish to the other cashier and apparently she did not like that, she kept on telling me to speak english because we are in america,” Moran wrote on Facebook.

Facebook users speculated as to whether the clerk was intoxicated and as to the timing of Moran’s video, which starts as the clerk states “Come after me …” seemingly provoked by the camera.

CNN reports that while English is “not under threat,” historically, attempts were made to keep enslaved Africans and Native Americans from speaking native languages. Attempts have also been made to make English the official language. “California, Massachusetts and Arizona have, at some point in the last 20 years, implemented laws eliminating bilingual education programs and replacing them with English-only immersion programs,” writes Harmeet Kaur for CNN.

“There is a political equation of Americanness with speaking English,” said Dr. Beatriz Arias, a senior research scientist at the Center for Applied Linguistics. “People who don’t speak English are just as American as those who do.”

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