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Casey Brengle

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Casey Brengle is a California pet sitter on the app Wag! who was caught having a romantic encounter with a man at an owner’s home on a security camera, KGO-TV reports.

Brengle, 26, was hired on the app Wag! to watch after Rosie Brown’s two dogs, Penny and Daisy, while Brown attended a wedding in Louisiana.

Brengle, who had more than 200 five-star reviews on the app, was hired for four-and-a-half days of house sitting and walks for $315.

On the day of her cousin’s wedding, Brown’s doggie cam sent her an alert and she saw Brengle with a man in the house.

Video provided to KGO shows that the man was at the home on multiple occasions, going into both bedrooms.

Brengle’s mother and father also visited her at the home despite app rules prohibiting visitors.

On multiple occasions, Brengle was seen sitting naked on Brown’s couch. Brengle also failed to take the dogs out for more than a few minutes, as had been agreed with Brown.

Wag! has suspended Brengle and is offering to pay for cleaning services and a locksmith.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Casey Brengle Had 200+ Five-Star Reviews on the App

Pet sitter caught on doggie cam naked inside client's homeA South Bay pet sitter was caught on camera getting romantic in a customer's home, after being hired through a popular dog walking app. The ABC7 News I-Team is committed to telling stories that can improve communities and lives, and bring about change in government. You can see all the investigative stories by Dan…2019-05-19T14:00:09.000Z

Rachel Brown found Brengle on the pet sitting app Wag!, where the sitter had 210 five-star reviews, Brown told KGO.

According to her Facebook profile, Brengle is a resident of Cambell, California who studied veterinary technology at Penn State University.

Brown, who was headed to her cousin’s wedding in Louisiana, hired Brengle for $315 to house-sit her dogs for 4.5 days and walk them for 30 to 60 minutes at a time. Brown said she showed Brengle her doggie cam, which also shoots out treats.

On the day of her cousin’s wedding, Brown told KGO that she received an alert from the camera showing an unexpected visitor at her home.

“On the preview on the alert, it showed a man in our house, someone that I wasn’t expecting,” Brown told the outlet. “So I opened it up and that’s when I saw she was there with a man in our house and they were going straight for our bedroom.”

2. Brengle Brought Boyfriend, Parents to Brown’s Home

The video showed Brengle’s boyfriend coming to the home multiple times while Brown was away. The man was seen locking the dogs outside the master bedroom and in another video walking from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom.

On another occasion, Brengle’s parents came to visit her at Brown’s home.

According to Wag! guidelines, sitters “should not allow any third parties into the home of the Pet Parent.”

3. Brengle Insists She Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Brengle denied that she had sex with her boyfriend in Brown’s bedrooms.

“It’s okay that she believes that, that’s not what was going on,” Brengle told KGO.

Brengle was also seen multiple times sitting naked on Brown’s couch.

“It got hot,” Brengle explained. “As I’ve said, I don’t like wearing clothes.”

Brengle told the outlet that Brown allowed her boyfriend to come over on a previous job, though she admitted she did not clear it with her this time.

The camera also documented that she only took the dogs out for a few minutes instead of the 30 to 60 minute walks Brown had hired her for. The video also recorded Brengle cursing at Daisy.

“She had been acting like a jerk and I agree, that’s not appropriate, I was frustrated, not at her, at myself, at other things. I had gotten in a fight with my mom and I agree, it was not appropriate,” Brengle told KGO.

4. Brown Says She Can’t Use Her Couch After Seeing Brengle Sitting On It Naked

Brown said that she was shocked by what she saw on the video.

“To see that video where she’s like butt naked, sitting on it, laying on it, that was really hard ’cause like we just bought it,” Brown said. “I don’t lay down right there, you know?”

“That actually that used to be my favorite spot, right in the middle of it. I don’t really touch it,” she added.

KGO reporter Dan Noyes told Brengle, “She can’t sit on her favorite spot any longer because she has that image of you being naked on that same spot. Do you understand that?”

“I do, I do, and I feel terrible about it,” Brengle said. “It was not something I did with intent or malice.”

“Just checking, you knew that there was a security camera there?” Noyes asked.

“I did,” she replied.

Wag! has offered to pay for Brown’s cleaning services and a locksmith. Brengle has been suspended from the app.

5. Wag! Had F Grade From Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau had received 47 complaints about Wag since fall of 2017, including complaints alleging that walkers were not showing up, items being stolen, and dogs getting loose.

In April, the BBB gave Wag! an “F” rating for its response to the complaints but later changed it to “NR,” or “not rated,” while they worked with the company to “to help them improve their process for responding to and resolving consumer complaints.”

This month, BBB gave the company an A+ rating.

“Pet parents’ ratings and feedback provide Wag! an ongoing assessment of the pet care provider’s services,” the company told KGO. “It also helps us to determine whether a provider should be allowed to remain on the platform.”

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