737 Plane Goes Off Runway at NAS Jacksonville Into Water

Jacksonville Plane Crash

Jacksonville Sheriff\'s Office

A Boeing 737 carrying 140 people from Guantanamo Bay has crashed at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida. The incident happened at 9:40 PM on Friday when the Miami Air International plane skidded off the runway at Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Florida and into the St. Johns River.

No Casualties

Flight BSK293 was carrying 133 passengers and 7 crew members. The plane crashed into a relatively shallow dredge in the river and the passenger cabin was not submerged in the water. “I’ve been briefed that all lives have been accounted for,” Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said. It has been confirmed that there are no fatalities but 21 people have been transported to the hospital for various injuries.

Rescue teams are now working to control the jet fuel in the water and searching for two dogs and a cat that are still unaccounted for.

The flight was not a commercial flight but rather a Miami Air charter 737 operating to NAS Jacksonville. The flight radar detail ended with the aircraft at 975 feet approaching NIP from the east. The flight eventually ended up in the St. Johns River to the west of the field. The crash was most likely caused by heavy thunderstorms.

One of the passengers on the plane provided an update on his experience.

The White House has been briefed President Donald Trump reached out to Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry to provide assistance as the situation was developing.

This Was the Second Incident Involving This Aircraft

The first incident occurred on September 28, 2012 at the Concord Regional Airport in North Carolina. The plane was carrying a group of NASCAR drivers and got stuck in the grass on the runway. It’s unclear how the plane ended up in the grass but it was eventually pulled out. None of the passengers were hurt.

The plane was also leased by TUI Airlines Netherlands for their busy summer season for the past few years.

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