Jason Mitchell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Jason Mitchell is the actor best known for his roles in the biopic Straight Outta Compton and the Showtime series The Chi. On May 20, Deadline reported that Mitchell had been dropped by The Chi and by a new Netflix movie, Desperados, that he was starring in. Mitchell was also dropped by his agency, UTA and by his management company, Authentic Talent & Literary Management. Deadline reported that Mitchell was dropped following allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Tiffany Boone, Mitchell’s Co-Star, Repeatedly Complained that Mitchell Was Sexually Harassing Her, Reports Say

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The Hollywood Reporter says that a number of actresses on The Chi had complained about Boone’s alleged inappropriate behavior. His co-star, Tiffany Boone, reportedly felt so unsafe around Boone that she asked her fiance, Marque Richardson, to come to the set when she filmed scenes with Mitchell. Tiffany Boone played Mitchell’s girlfriend on the show. Hollywood Reporter says Boone told Fox 21 that she could not work with Mitchell any longer. Other actresses on the show apparently also said they had problems with Mitchell.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that all three of Mitchell’s co-stars on the Netflix film Desperados — Nasim Pedrad, Anna Camp and Robbie Amell — had complaints about Mitchell.

2. Mitchell Was Accused of Assault in 2016

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In 2016, a woman accused Mitchell of pushing her to the ground while they were in a hotel in Boston.

3. Mitchell’s Mother Was in the Army & the Family Traveled When He Was Young, Finally Settling in New Orleans

Mitchell’s mother was in the army, so Mitchell and his siblings traveled around the world when Mitchell was young. They eventually settled in Hollygrove in New Orleans, the city when his mother had been raised. Then, when Mitchell was graduating from high school, Hurricane Katrina hit. Mitchell told the LA Times that his family was devastated by the hurricane, losing everything. “We lost everything pretty much,” he said. “We had to start over.”

4. Mitchell Said He Got Into the ‘Drug Scene’ After Hurricane Katrina

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Mitchell told the LA Times that his family “lost everything” after Hurricae Katrina hit New Orleans. He was just graduating from high school, annd he worked a series of jobs, including as a cook, an electrician and an oyster shucker. At the same time, he says, he got involved in the drug scene. “I used to hustle on the side. I was also in the drug scene,” Mitchell said. He told the LA Times that he badly wanted to get out of that scene, especially after his best friend was killed. Eventually he discovered acting school, which became his way out. “And I started seeing a lot of things happen, things that were too close to home, and I thought that’s not really what I want for myself,” he told the LA Times.6″ My best friend was killed in 2007, and that’s where I started thinking, ‘I’m just going to find something different to do.’ And it took me a little while, but then I found acting school.”

5. Mitchell’s Father Died by Suicide When Mitchell Was 15

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Mitchell told Backstage that his father died by committing suicide when Mitchell was just 15 years old. Mitchell said that after that, he and his siblings had to start doing whatever they could to help support the family. He told Backstage that for him, acting was a form of therapy, a release for his emotions.

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