Jim Lammey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Jim Lammey is the Tennessee judge whose recent Facebook posts have some people calling for him to be punished. Lammey reportedly posted racist and anti-Semitic memes and articles on his personal social media accounts. Now a coalition of groups including the NAACP Memphis Branch, Memphis Islamic Center and Jewish Community Partners have called on authorities to censure Lammey.

Here’s what you need to know about Jim Lammey:

1. He Posted a Story Saying that Muslims Have an ‘Off the Charts’ Level of ‘Batsh*t Crazy’ & Telling Jews to ‘Get the F*ck Over the Holocaust’

On April 5, Lamey posted an article by David Cole, who’s been widely criticized for allegedly denying the Holocaust. The article criticizes leftist American Jews for encouraging immigration from third world countries; the article compares third-world immigrants to the “golems” of Jewish folklore, which were created in order to protect Jews from a menace but often ended up causing destruction of their own. You can read the whole piece here.  Cole singles out Minnnestoa representative Ilhan Omar for mention, writing,

“What is Congressmuslim Ilhan Omar if not a golem? For decades, leftist Jews have been the biggest boosters of flooding the West with Third World immigrants. “Hey, here’s a plan—let’s dump a hundred thousand Somalis in the whitest parts of the U.S. That’ll save us from Fargo Hitler!” Inundating the West with nonwhite immigrants is seen by Jews as an insurance policy against “white supremacy.” ”

Cole writes, “Jews should be particularly afraid of their new Islamic golems. Muzzies might not be smarter than Jews, but they’re stronger and more numerous, and their level of “batshit crazy” is off the charts.” Cole’s article also said that Jews should “get the f*** over the Holocaust.” Lamey has said that he has free speech and that he should not be criticized for what he posts on his personal social media accounts. The judge said that he treats all cases that appear in front of him fairly and that he is not a racist or an anti-Semite.

Groups including the NAACP, the Memphis Islamic Center, and Jewish Community Partners have all said that Lamey should be officially censured for his posts. Beside the April 5 article, Lamey has also shared anti-immigration articles and articles about conspiracy theories.

2. Criminal Attorneys Say Lammey Treats African American Defendants Differently from White Defendants

Shelby County commissioners have called for a vote to formally censure Lammey. Commissioners organized a hearing into Lammey’s alleged misconduct and listened to testimony from witnesses, including from civil rights groups and lawyers who have presented cases in Lammey’s court room. Rabbi Katie Baufman told the commissioners that he had “crossed a line” when it came to his professional conduct. Baufman said that Lammey’s social media posts “disgust” her, as a Jew, as a descendant of immigrants, and as a religious leader.

One criminal attorney said that Lammey treats African American defendants differently from white defendants, ordering them to undergo drug tests and asking them whether they have children out of wedlock. The attorney said Lammey does not ask the same questions of white defendants.

3. He Was Appointed to the Bench in 2006 After Serving 16 Years in the DA’s Office

Lammey spent 16 years working as an Assistant District Attorney before being appointed to the bench in 2006. He serves as a criminal judge in the 30th judicial district in Shelby County, Tennessee. Lammey earned his law degree from Memphis State University in 1989 and earned a BA from the University of Mississippi in 1980.

4. Lammey Worked in the Oil Industry Before Attending Law School & Going to Work for the DA

Lammey grew up in the Whitehaven area, not far from Memphis. He went to Bishop Byrne High School and then graduated from Southaven High School in 1975. He went on to earn a degree in civil engineering from the University of Mississippi in 1980. After graduation, Lammey went to Louisiana, where he spent five years working in the oil and gas production business, designing, installing, servicing and selling production equipment.

Lammey then moved to Memphis, Tennessee to attend law school, graduating from Memphis State University in 1989. After graduation, he went to work for the DA’s office. He served in the Major Violators Unit and the Violent Crimes Prosecution Unit. Lammey was appointed to the bench in 2006.

5. Lammey & His Wife Have Four Children

Lammey and his wife have been married for 23 years, according to his official biography. The couple has four children. Lammey grew up in Whitehaven, an area not far from Memphis. He graduated from the University of Mississippi and went to Louisiana to work in the oil industry for five years before returning to law school. He then served for 16 years in the DA’s office before being appointed to the bench.

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