What Ethnicity Is Andrew Yang?

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Andrew Yang has a unique background and is the son of immigrant parents. His platform is different from many other Democratic candidates for President, including wanting to implement a UBI (universal basic income) of $1,000 a month to help stem off the job loss coming from automation. But where is Yang from? What is his ethnicity? Read on to learn more.

Andrew Yang is an American tech entrepreneur, born in New York, who founded Venture for America and sold a company to Kaplan for tens of millions. He’s been highly successful, but he’s also closely tuned into the general public’s struggles because of his own background.

Yang’s parents are immigrants from Taiwan. He shares on his website that his parents immigrated from Taiwan in the 1960s. They met in graduate school. His father immigrated from Taiwan to get a PH.D. in physics.

Yang’s father, Kei Hsiung Yang, is now a researcher for IBM. He generated 69 patents throughout his career and had a Ph.D. in physics from UC Berkeley. His grandfather was a geologist.

Yang’s mother, Nancy Yang, was a systems administrator at a local university in New York. Now she’s the president of the Pastel Association of Taiwan and has won awards in Spain and Taipei for her paintings.

Yang has said that he visits Taiwan every year so he can see family.

He also shared in 2016 that he had family in Taiwan when an earthquake struck, and he remembered experiencing one himself when he was visiting once.

Yang also relates to the struggles of Americans because of the struggles he had in the business world when he graduated from college. He left a high-paying job to pursue his dream and help a startup, only to have the company close right for the dot come bubble burst, he told Freakanomics. For awhile, he wasn’t sure how he’d pay his law school loans and stay afloat. He helped prepare people for the GMAT and even started throwing parties as a side hustle to help make ends meet. The GMAT job helped lead him to create his own company that was eventually bought by Kaplan for millions.

Yang is generating momentum in his campaign. In April, Yang had qualified for the DNC debates through both polling and donations. At the time, he was one of only six who had qualified, setting him apart from the rest.

He is one of the most unique candidates in a crowded Democratic primary race. His platform includes Medicare for All, requiring all police officers to wear cameras, paid family leave, media fragmentation, UBI (Universal Basic Income) which he refers to as the Freedom Dividend, and more. Yang has said that a UBI will be necessary as America becomes increasingly automated. In fact, a phrase he often uses is “The Robots Are Coming,” based off Game of Thrones‘ “Winter Is Coming” phrase.

Yang has also generated enthusiasm because he’s talented at using memes and leaning into jokes from his supporters. It will be interesting to see what happens next in his campaign.

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