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Bruce Mann is Elizabeth Warren’s second and current husband. Mann works as a professor at Harvard Law School. According to his Harvard bio, Mann is the Carl F. Schipper, Jr. Professor of Law, and he teaches Property Law, Trusts and Estates Law, and American Legal History.

Mann has received a number of degrees prior to becoming a professor. They include:

As of this spring, Mann was actively working as a professor at Harvard. His most recent course for the Spring 2019 semester at Harvard Law was American Legal History. He does not have any scheduled courses for Fall 2019 listed online.

Here’s what you need to know:

Warren & Mann Met at a Law Conference

In a July 2015 Facebook post commemorating their 35th anniversary, Warren shared the intimate story of how she met her second husband at a law conference. She wrote,

“By the time I was 30, I thought my life was settled. Granted, not quite what I’d expected—but settled. I was a single mom with two little kids, and I’d just started teaching law in Houston. And then I met a guy from Massachusetts named Bruce. I was completely crazy about him, and I still am. When I proposed to him, he said yes. I bought a sundress that could double as a wedding gown, and 35 years ago today, I married Bruce.”

According to The Boston Globe, Mann and Warren were married within six months of her divorce. After they were married, Mann quit his teaching position in Connecticut for a role in Texas, where Warren. was teaching at the time.

The Globe reports that Mann flew back and forth every weekend to attend Warren’s children’s sports games and to attend parent-teacher conferences. When Warren eventually received tenure at Harvard before Mann, he committed to flying to Cambridge frequently from Pennsylvania, where he was teaching at the time.

Of course, Warren has since left academia for a career in politics. But she and Mann still call Cambridge their home.

Mann Has Said He Never Thought His Life Would End up in the Spotlight

According to MassLive, Mann spoke to a crowd of people in a senior center in 2012 about what it was like for him to be known as “Elizabeth Warren’s husband.” He said, “I’m usually introduced as Elizabeth’s husband, which has been fine with me.” Though Mann has always been a fixture throughout Warren’s campaigning and political career, he still teaches full time, and said he never expected for his life to reach the public eye quite as much as it has.

When asked if he could have predicted his life being in the public eye, he said, “Oh God no. Never. We have each had academic careers for roughly 35 years. This is not something we ever aimed for, ever thought about, ever expected.”

In an Instagram post for Valentine’s Day, Warren celebrated her husband’s commitment to their marriage and to their family. She wrote,

There are about a zillion reasons why I love my sweetie Bruce, but I wanted to mention one: he’s always been my biggest supporter. When we got married, he gave up his teaching job in Connecticut to build a family with my kids and me in Houston. When I became a law professor at Harvard, he spent years traveling back and forth on weekends so we could make it work. And when it comes to taking on the big Wall Street banks and fighting for working people, Bruce has always thought that if I want people to listen, I should shout from the highest mountain I can find. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie. I’m very lucky to have you by my side for all of life’s big adventures.

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