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A Louisiana Catholic elementary school principal resigned after being arrested outside a Washington D.C. strip club while on a field trip with students.

Michael Comeau, 47, was charged with being intoxicated and is alleged to have stiffed the club on his tab.

This is the second time Comeau, principal of Holy Family School in Port Allen, Louisiana, has resigned from a school under a cloud.

Comeau was also a part-time police officer in a small Baton Rogue police department. He resigned by text Saturday.

It’s reported Comeau had a service dog with him at the adult nightclub, thought that detail is apparently not in the police report.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cops Say Comeau Refused to Pay His Bill & Drunkenly Blocked a Roadway Outside Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club at 2:30 in the Morning

According to reports obtained by local media, police responded to Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club at 2:20 Friday morning May 31, and found the Catholic elementary school principal intoxicated and blocking a roadway outside the strip club. He allegedly refused to pay his tab. There were reports that Comeau had a service dog with him.

He was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication and possession of an open container, per reports.

2. Comeau Was With Seventh & Eighth Graders on a D.C. Field Trip When Arrested. The Baton Rouge Diocese Said Students Were Safe at a Hotel & Chaperoned

Comeau was on a field trip with seventh and eighth graders visiting the nation’s capital.

“The incident occurred when the students on the trip were in their hotel rooms for the evening under the supervision of other chaperones,” said a spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge, according to local media.

3. Comeau Has Had a Long Career in Education & Coaching & is an Award-Winning Administrator

In its statement, the Diocese of Baton Rouge said he’d been principal of Holy Family School for five years and prior to that time had served in public education in the surrounding area.”

Hired in 2014 at Holy Family, Comeau had been a teacher, coach and administrator for two decades.

According to a report on his resume, Comeau, started teaching in Florida, earned a master’s degree from Northwestern State in Natchitoches, coached soccer at Centenary College and then, joined the Baton Rouge school system beginning in 2006 where he taught at Cohn Elementary School and coached football at Port Allen High School. Before joining Holy Family, Comeau was assistant principal at Valverda Elementary School and assistant football coach at Livonia High School.

Comeau is a Milken Award winner.

4. Comeau Resigned as an Elementary School Principal in 2006 After Allegations About Misappropriated Katrina Donations & Under-Reported Concession Stand Revenue

What was left out of his CV in media reports when he was hired at Holy Family in 2014 was his resignation from Greenbrier School under a cloud.

According to reports from 2006, Comeau was suspected of under-reporting concession stand revenues and was accused of misappropriating more than $100,000 in Katrina donations.

“Greenbrier Elementary School took in evacuees and received tons of supplies and donations following Hurricane Katrina,” it was reported by WAFB and school officials and auditors “interviewed several of the school’s employees and asked questions concerning donations and also the fund-raising money. The school system officials tell 9 News they turned over their findings to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office for possible criminal prosecution.”

What if anything ever came of the allegations is unclear. But Comeau resigned.

5. Comeau, Who Was Also a Part Time Police Officer, Has Wide Support

“Yes, Holy Family is so blessed to have Mr. Comeau. Everyone loves him❣❣❣”

Comeau was praised by colleagues at Holy Family School and in the wake of the arrest, appears to have support from many.

“Everyone has a bad day. So quick we all are to judge when we know not one of us if anywhere near perfect.”

“If it was his own time (during at night and the kids are being chauffeured by others) then who cares really? Have you ever been with that many kids? Plus days for that matter? And he’s from Louisiana? We’re lucky that’s all he was doing lol. Remember we have drink through daiquiri shops. He was just living like hes home lol.”

Gayle Clement Causey wrote, “What a shame to throw it all away like this. No matter what the circumstances, he will never be able to recover from this. I’m so sorry for his family and all his students.”

It was reported that Comeau was also a part-time reserve police officer for the Brusly Police Department. He resigned by text early Friday morning.

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