Photos of United Airlines UA627 Plane Damage that Closed Newark Airport [EWR]

Twitter/Ravi Rajagopal

United Airlines flight UA627 was traveling from Denver to EWR when a difficult landing resulted in damage to the fuselage. The aircraft skidded off the runway and landed in the grass. The Newark Airport had to close temporarily and divert flights, while other flights have been delayed for hours. Thankfully, the pilot successfully handled the difficult landing and the FAA has said that no injuries are reported. The photo above is a screenshot from a video shared on Twitter by Ravi Rajagopal. You can see the video here. Here are photos of the damaged plane.

First, here is a photo of the United Airlines plane, shared by @bangzilla on Twitter. You can see the damage at the bottom of the plane near the wheel.

Twitter/bangzillaUnited Airlines plane

Here’s another photo shared by Michael Ramas on Twitter.

Twitter/Michael Ramas

This tweet shows a video of the scene, shared by Ravi Rajagopal on Twitter.

Jason Rabinowitz shared on Twitter that the aircraft’s nose “is still on the pavement, but just barely.” He wrote: “I’m told it bounded twice on landing and a tire may have burst but the pilots wrestled it to safe stop.”

Rabinowitz noted that according to FlightRadar data, the altitude readings correspond with passengers’ saying the plane bounced.

Pictures do show damage to the nose landing gear and blown tires, as you can see in the tweets in the photo below.

More damage:

This video shows more.

You can get a better idea of what happened by viewing the FlightRadar information for the flight, which was traveling from Denver to EWR.


Here is the FAA’s official statement:

The FAA said the flight skidded off the left side of the pavement in EWR and the landing gear was stuck in a grassy area. No injuries were reported.

Passengers on planes who were waiting during the delay reported different stories from their pilots or the airports about what happened. Courtney Chatman, for example, tweeted that her pilot said the plane had blown a tire when it landed.

Others heard that a nose gear collapsed on a plane.


Here are more photos from people near the incident:

Exactly what caused the situation isn’t yet known, but there were no injuries and passengers have been taken off the plane. Passengers are thankful to the pilots and crew for handling the situation safely with no injuries.

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