Ethan Raible Rendlen Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Colony PD

Ethan Raible Rendlen is missing in Texas and the case is going viral on social media. Tatiana Badra (also listed as Badr), who is listed as his wife on Facebook, posted online saying that her husband had disappeared, and then later made her post private after contacting local media asking for help. The Colony Police Department posted a special announcement on Facebook on July 22 that Rendlen is, indeed, missing but they don’t think foul play is involved. Here is what we know so far about Ethan Raible Rendlen and what happened. If you have any information, please contact Detective John Thacker at 972-624-3933. This is a developing story.

1. The Colony Police Department Said Rendlen Has Been Missing Since July 15, But They Don’t Suspect Foul Play

Facebook/The Colony Police DepartmentEthan Raible Rendlen

On July 22, The Colony Police Department in Texas posted a message on Facebook sharing that Ethan Raible Rendlen had been missing since July 15, but they do not suspect foul play. They wrote: “The Colony Police Department received information on July 15, 2019 of a possible missing person, Ethan Raible Rendlen. Ethan was entered into the State database as missing; Other Law Enforcement agencies have also been notified. As of July 22, Ethan has not been located. Foul play is not suspected at this time. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of this missing person, please contact Detective John Thacker 972-624-3933.”

2. Tatiana Badra Has Asked Local News Outlets for Help Finding Him

Tatiana Badra, who is listed as married to Ethan Rendlen on Facebook and also has a page under the name Tatian A. Badr, has been seeking help finding her husband. She posted on Channel 8’s Facebook page: “My husband, Ethan Raible, an engineer in Plano, is a missing person since July 12. Dallas and The Colony PD is doing NOTHING and breaking the family’s hearts. We had been married for exactly ONE day when this happened and we can’t find him. Please, help us shed light on his disappearence and bring Ethan Rendlen home!!!” [sic]

She wrote a similar plea to NBC 5.


She wrote: “I was married one day when my new husband – controls engineer from Chicago, in Plano for one year almost exactly, Ethan Rendlen – eerily disappeared from downtown Dallas and is yet to be found. He is now a missing persons and the The Colony Police Department seems to be doing close to absolutely nothing to bring him home.” [sic]

3. Badra Also Asked for Help Finding Rendlen in a Post that Went Viral; She Later Made Her Facebook Page Private


Badra posted a long message on her Facebook page about Rendlen being missing. She later made her page private and the message can no longer be read publicly. According to screenshots of her post before it went private, Badra wrote in a rambling, worried post that they were driving to Jacob’s Bell when he stopped to call his father. She wrote that she was four months pregnant and woozy. They had a discussion she can no longer remember, she said, and that was the last time she saw him. She wrote that when she went looking for him at a DIY car wash, people said they had seen him crying and asking people about her, as if he was worried she had fallen or was hurt. One person told her he was “talking gibberish.” She said that she left and drove back to Plano because it was getting dark and wasn’t safe, which is “the one thing I’ll regret to the day I die.”

She wrote that when she called Plano about “my bug” (her nickname for him), they said it was the Colony Police Department’s jurisdiction. She then wrote that the next day, she was told that he might have been in a hospital, suicidal, or gotten cold feet. But she said he had a high-paying job, no enemies, and they were closing on a large house with a lake. “He was on therapy, working out… I know depression is often invisible”


Amy Webster shared on Facebook a couple comments Badra made in response to her original post. One person asked where she was on Beltline when he disappeared and she wrote: “I don’t remember. I was asleep. We had just gone off one of the suburbs and a tom thumb. He had bought me very authentic Mexican food (I know, not helpful at all…)… I hate that I can’t remember much. All I can remember early is: it was a 4-way, right off the highway, we stopped on a white building that was more like a warehouse with 5 or 6 trucks and a patch of grass in front of…” She also wrote that they had looked at home in Tyler, Texas. “It’s all still fuzzy.”


A flyer is also being shared about Rendlen, but it’s unclear where the flyer originated. The Missing Persons Cases Network, which shared Badra’s story and the flyer, wrote “We did not make that flyer and we know there are typos.” You can see the flyer below.

Facebook/Missing Persons Cases Network

4. Rendlen Talked on Facebook About Having Big Plans & Spending Time with Badra

Rendlen appears to have two Facebook pages. In one, he posted happy updates about his life with Badra, such as the posts below. His last public update was May 28, 2018 when he wrote: “Got big plans.”

Ethan Rendle/Facebook


On his other account, Rendlen’s last post was made on July 7. On July 6, he wrote about how much he loved Tatiana and how much they wanted to be parents.  On June 30 he wrote: “Things are just getting better and better. Everday I fall more in love with my wife and now I understand why people say such things. It is because we strive to become better of we are both sane and have enough psychic comfort to be able to grow. Nutrition, space, light.”

Badra wrote similar loving messages to her husband. Last August she wrote on Instagram: “My now husband  I am so proud and honored to be his! I have absolutely never loved anybody in my entire life as much as I love him – in fact I think I had never even known what love was, until Ethan. My bug (we call each other bug or skink, lol) is the biggest present I ever got; I am sure he’ll be the best father to Bianca and Holden. We’re such a happy, united and dedicated young family. I hope my family can be proud of the four of us. @ethanrendlen, you are my life and soulmate, my siamese twin: I adore you and will stand by you until the day I die. I love you, bug!”

Rendlen’s mother doesn’t have any public posts about her son, but has posted in Facebook groups to say that she’s worried about him and talking to the police. She has said in Facebook groups that her son wasn’t married.

People have been posting on both of his accounts asking if he’s OK and asking previous commenters to confirm they know him personally, since rumors began circulating where some doubted Rendle was “real.” But ever since The Colony Police Department posted on Facebook confirming that he was a missing person, those rumors have been quelled.

5. Rendlen Is a Chemical Engineer in Plano, Texas


According to his LinkedIn bio, Rendlen is a chemical engineer and systems integrator working for i2r A/S in Plano, Texas. Prior to that, he was a geotechnical engineer in Chicago for The Lighthouse Companies. He was also an applications engineer for Synergy Systems and a quality technician for Pelstar. He graduated from the University of Illinois in 2014 with a B.S. in chemical engineering.

If you have any information, please contact Detective John Thacker at 972-624-3933.

This is a developing story.

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