Katia Verber, Alla Verber’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Katia Verber and Alla Verber

Instagram Katia Verber and Alla Verber

Alla Verber, the Russian fashion industry icon, has died. She leaves behind a beloved daughter, Katia Verber. Verber is in her mid-30s, which is far too young to lose a parent.  Here is what you need to know about Katia Verber.

1. Katia Verber’s Grandparents Moved to Canada from the USSR in the 1970s


Alla Verber’s parents immigrated to Canada from the USSR back in 1976, Business of Fashion reported. However, Alla wasn’t allowed to go with them and had to spend a year in Rome. That’s when she discovered her love of fashion. She returned to Russia in 1991.

2. Alla Verber Often Mentioned Her Daughter on Instagram

Alla loved to talk about her daughter Katia on Instagram. Here she shared a photo of Katia’s husband surprising her for her birthday.

And here she shared a stunning picture of her and her daughter.

3. Katia Verber Was Once Called the Paris Hilton of Russia

About 10 years ago, Marie Clarie referred to Katia Verber as the “Paris Hilton of Russia.” Marie Claire referred to Katia as being exceedingly wealthy: talking about Bentleys breaking down too much and using a $7,000 luxury Vertu phone. A 2012 article by the New York Post referred to Katia as a Russian heiress who styled herself after Paris Hilton.

4. She’s a Fashion Expert Herself & President of OLO Fashion

A 2013 article by Business of Fashion referred to Katia as a new fashion expert entering the world of Ukraine fashion. In fact, Katia is now in the fashion industry herself, following in her mother’s footsteps. As of 2013, she was president and owner of OLO Fashion and had made deals with Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana, following her mother’s intuitive ability to work with big name fashion brands. Instead of seeing an economic crisis as a stumbling block, she saw it as an opportunity, just like her mother, when she started her own business in the Ukraine.

She said she moved to Kiev between 2008-2009, when fashion was starting to boom.

5. Katia Verber Is Following Right in Her Mother’s Footsteps

She told Business of Fashion: “In two years, Kiev TsUM looks like a promising middle class and high street project. Right now, all other brands are looking to enter Ukraine. I believe that Kiev will grow tremendously in the next few years… But I would advise serious brands to move slowly and know that the most important thing in Kiev is location, location, location.”

According to Katia’s LinkedIn, she’s still president of Olo Fashion.

Alla Verber was sometimes considered the most powerful woman in Russian fashion, the Business of Fashion reported. She brought many luxury brands to Russia and had an eye for what was about to become popular. Her daughter Katia is following right in her footsteps.