Far-Right & Antifa Protests Live Stream: Watch Portland Protests Online

Portland Protest Live Stream


A large number of protests and counter-protests are happening in Portland, Oregon today. An “End Domestic Terrorism” rally began at 11 a.m. Pacific in Portland to protest Antifa. This rally is being supported by members of the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. Oath Keepers urged their supporters to not attend, and a number of groups including Rose City Antifa are hosting counterprotests in the same area around the same time. We have live streams below of what happened today. Many have since stopped filming as the protests began to wind down, but they can still be watched to see what happened.

Watch Multiple Live Streams Below

You can see a live stream above from KOIN 6.

And KATU below.

Fox Carolina had one below but it may be having issues.

News2Share had a live stream of the protests below. You can also follow their Facebook page here. Reporter Ford Fischer was at the event and live streamed what happened.

Ford Fischer was at the rally and filming and reporting what he was. Here are some streams from News2Share from earlier today.


The End Domestic Terrorism Rally was scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Pacific (2 p.m. Eastern) at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Just .3 miles at 6 SW Pine Street, a counterprotest called Be the Spectacle was happening from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific. Then at Battleship Oregon Memorial Marine Park, a Love Conquers Hate rally was happening from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Pacific. A Poop Bloc event happened in the same location as the End Domestic Terrorism rally, starting one hour later at 12 p.m. Pacific.

Here is a stream from KOIN 6 from earlier today. Tension were high.

Up to 1,000 were expected to be supporting the “End Domestic Terrorism” group in person today. This rally was organized by Joe Biggs, formerly with InfoWars. Proud Boys also helped with the rally. The event’s Facebook page said that Enrique Tarrio, a chairman of Proud Boys, was one of the organizers. The Facebook page for the event was later taken down.

Here’s an aerial view from KATU from earlier today:

Andrew Kimmel was also reporting on the events today live. He is a documentary and television producer. Around 12:19 p.m. Pacific in the video below, you can see some groups clashing briefly and one person says, “This is not your city this is our city…” A woman carrying a dog was among the people protesting and just said quietly, “Please don’t fight” when someone said loudly to her: “Just because you’re carrying a dog…” The video is no longer live, but still worth watching.

Patriot Prayer has come out in support of the event, according to posts on their Facebook page today.

Eugene Weekly, an alternative site that reports itself as being”liberal media,” had a live stream below. Here’s their last video.

Rose City Antifa, a local pro-Antifa group in Portland, posted a call to action on their website. They wrote: “We call on the community to defend itself, as it has countless times before. We must tell these far-Right and neo-Nazi groups that they are not welcome in Portland, and their search for victims on our streets will not be tolerated! Join us on August 17 at Waterfront Park to defend Portland against far-Right attack!”

Fox Carolina News had a live stream below.

KATU’s previous live stream is below:


And here is an aerial live stream without any audio from Fox 12 from earlier today.

The Oregon Justice Resource Center filed a lawsuit against Joe Biggs and Tara Larosa, seeking an emergency injunction to stop the rally. The police have said they will be there in full force to prevent violence, Oregon Live reported.

Police Said Some Individuals Were Trying to ‘Infiltrate’ Opposing Groups

There’s a lot to keep track of that’s happening today. According to the Portland police, officers have seized weapons from multiple groups at the protests today.

A sound truck is advising crowds to obey the laws and stay out of the streets:

Portland Police said that individuals were trying to infiltrate opposing groups and there were reports of some individuals carrying weapons and wearing protective equipment.

Lt. Tina Jones released a second update later in the day. She said the police are advising people to stay out of the streets and they are still confiscating weapons from people at the rallies. She said the police are working to keep opposing rallies separated.

Some protesters are walking in the streets despite police efforts to prevent this.

A number of road closures are in place today. The police ask that if anyone witnesses criminal activity, they should call 911.

You can see more reports on arrests in Heavy’s story here.

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