ProJared Releases Defense Video Regarding Nude Photo Accusations

ProJared YouTube

Jared “ProJared” Knabenbauer has finally offered a full response to the allegations brought against him in May, in which he was accused of actively soliciting nude photos from fans, including from two individuals in particular who were underage.

In the video, which has already been watched hundreds of thousands of times in the first few hours of its release, ProJared said that the accusations against him were “false.” He then went on to say he had “proof” in the form of “receipts”.

ProJared continued, “Serious allegations need to be taken seriously… I wasn’t going to do anything until I was certain it would be safe to talk about.”

ProJared has also provided a full excel sheet that offers all of the “receipts” proving his innocence, for people to read through on their own time. Here’s what you need to know:

ProJared Acknowledges That He Was Exchanging Nudes With Fans: ‘It Was For Consenting Adults Only’

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In the forty-plus minute video (which you can watch in full above) ProJared confirmed that he was in fact exchanging nude photos with certain fans online, but clarified that it was “for consenting adults only.” He continued, “It was an open invitation for those that wanted to do it… nothing would be shared or saved without explicit permission…the choice was always up to them.”

“I want to acknowledge now that there was a power imbalance,” ProJared conceded, acknowledging his relative fame on YouTube. “I feel that what I was doing was not predatory, but it was unhealthy.”

ProJared then directly acknowledged the accusations made by two people in particular, who claimed to be underage, and who claimed that the influencer knew of the age discrepancy and that he sexually manipulated them. ProJared specifically acknowledged two aspects of those claims made against him: that he engaged with underage fans “knowingly”, and “intentionally.” He vehemently denied both of those distinctions.

About six minutes into the video, ProJared pointed out that both Twitter accounts had deleted all proof of their allegations on their Twitter feeds. “I don’t remember ever talking to this person,” ProJared said of one of the two allegedly underage individuals, who goes by Chai on Twitter. “What this leaves us is his word versus mine, which gets us nowhere.”

ProJared also shows an apparent screenshot in which he wrote to “Charlie,” “Real quick you 18?” and Charlie allegedly replied that he was.

“I did ask their age,” ProJared says about eighteen minutes in, “And they lied.” You can see the apparent screenshot offered by ProJared below.

ProJared YouTube

ProJared then went on to emphasize that he never “sent a dick pic to minors,” arguing that any allegations towards that end are “factually untrue.”

He continued, “Even the claims that I was manipulative or coerced them are untrue because I made it consistently clear, as I did with everyone else, that it was their choice if they wanted to every time.” Here’s another screenshot, as offered by ProJared:

ProJared, YouTube

If you want to read a full list of all of the apparent evidence that ProJared offers to prove his innocence, you can watch the video or check out the excel sheet which lists all receipts.

Naturally, ProJared’s response has driven a range of emotional responses by fans and critics alike on Twitter. One user wrote, “The big issue with ProJared’s defense video is the logic of ‘how can you trust this person when they may have lied in the past’ doesn’t really work when you are someone who has been known to have previously lied to his wife, his friends, and his fans.”

Another wrote, “Projared deadass proved himself innocent and people dont wanna watch the video bc they think he is justifying himself At least watch it and get his side bc there is some hard evidence about these people making accusations and manipulating the truth and lying to the public”

Still another user wrote, “I’d say projared is not guilty on this matter honestly. The evidence was there even before he made the video.”

This is a developing post and will be updated.

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