Larry Timmons: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Larry Timmons

Lawrence County Sheriff\'s Office

Larry Timmons is a convicted felon and former real estate agent who was recently indicted by a grand jury for the 1988 murder of 31-year-old Cynthia Smith.

Timmons was originally arrested by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s office on August 19 for felony forgery and fraud charges unrelated to the murder. The probable cause statement from his arrest says that Timmons lied to his employer about his status as a felon earlier this year. He got a job selling lottery tickets and alcohol in Pierce City, Mo which is illegal for felons in the state of Missouri.

He was also charged with lying to the YMCA about his felon status while employed with them in 2014.

The 65-year-old Timmons is originally from southwest Missouri but met an Army woman from Pernition, New York named Mechele Lokar who was stationed in Oklahoma. The two eventually got married, had a daughter, and relocated to Rochester in 2006 and later Pernition, New York.

Timmons moved back to Missouri and was weeks away from going back to upstate New York when he was arrested in his home.

On July 28, 1988 Cynthia Smith dropped her children off with a babysitter before going to Checker’s restaurant and bar in Mount Vernon, Mo. She was reported missing when she didn’t return to pick up her children. Her body was found shortly after in the Pierce City cemetery.

Timmons was questioned during the 1988 investigation but never named as a suspect or charged with a crime.

“We call him an opportunist,” said Sgt Melissa Phillips, of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office in southwest Missouri. “He does not target on sex or age. He has little boys in his past. He has little girls in his past. He has women in his past.”

Police in neighboring Oklahoma have reopened two cases that they think Timmons may have been involved in including the 1994 murder of his first wife, Deborah Jean Timmons, and the 1998 drowning death of an 11-year-old girl who was friends with his daughter.

Timmons is currently being held in the Lawrence County jail on $250,000 bond.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Has a History of Violent Crime

Larry Timmons Mugshot

Larry Timmons Mugshot

From 1976 to 1994, Timmons was linked to five separate violent crimes and spent a total of 7 years in prison. He was charged with kidnapping and assaulting a young boy, home invasion and robbery of a female college student, and raping a woman at gunpoint. Despite his history of violent behavior, he was never questioned in the murder of his wife.

Timmons was acquitted of the rape charge at trial, had his robbery conviction overturned on appeal, and was sentenced to seven years in prison for kidnapping and assault, serving three years before getting paroled.

In addition, the probable cause statement in his latest arrest alleges that during his tenure at the YMCA he sexually harassed two female patrons. The Monett Police Department received complaints who allege Timmons sent them sexually charged emails and propositioned them for sex.

2. He Nearly Murdered a Young Boy

Larry Timmons in the Cold

FacebookLarry Timmons poses for a photo on his Facebook page.

Though he’s been connected to several different violent crimes, Timmons only felony stems from a 1978 kidnaping conviction in Greene county.

Court records state that on May 19, 1976, the 11 year old was mowing a lawn when his friend asked him to walk around the neighborhood and see if any other lawns needed to be mowed.

The 11 year-old approached Timmons’ residence where he found him lying on a couch on the porch. Timmons was 23 at the time and lived at the property with four other unidentified males.

Timmons told the boy that he would go ask his wife if the boy could mow the lawn and went inside. He returned with a shotgun and forced the boy into the house and down into the basement where he covered the boy’s head with a sack and bound his hands with twine.

He then picked the boy up by one arm and one leg and forced his head into a cooler filled with water, attempting to drown him.

Luckily, the attack was interrupted when two women unexpectedly entered the home. Timmons went upstairs to talk to the women and eventually left with them. The boy was able to free himself and escape out of the basement window, run home and alert the Springfield police.

Timmons was charged and convicted of the kidnapping and and served 3 years in prison.

3. His Story is being Featured on a Popular True Crime Show

Colld Justice Promotional Image

Oxygen WebsitePromotional image for Cold Justice

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s office received some help solving this cold case from private investigators working for the true-crime program Cold Justice on the Oxygen network.

On September 6 the sheriff’s office and private investigators submitted enough evidence to prompt the grand jury indictment of Timmons in connection with the murder of Cynthia Smith.

The findings of the case and the episode featuring Timmons will reportedly air in early 2020 on Oxygen.

4. He used to be a Real Estate Agent

Larry Timmons Real Estate Agent

Larry Simmons real estate agent photo

When Timmons first moved to New York, he became a real estate agent in Rochester for Hunt Real Estate ERA.

According to his Facebook page, he worked there until at least 2010. He posted on January 26, 2010 that, “Students or faculty seeking off campus housing give me a call (585) 410-2053. HUNT ERA/Columbus…” along with an old photo of himself as a realtor.

His job as a real estate agent is especially unsettling given these latest allegations. Though according to Democrat and Chronicle the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office released an official statement on Monday that said they have no evidence that Larry Timmons committed any crimes in their jurisdiction.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s office is also investigating whether or not Timmons falsified documents in order to get his real estate license. In a statement to Democrat and Chronicle they said they “don’t believe there is anything we can charge him with criminally at this time.”

According to their website, Hunt Real Estate ERA has been offering real estate services to the upstate New York area since 1911.

5. He’s a Supporter of President Donald Trump

Larry Timmons MAGA


According to his Facebook page, Timmons is a big fan of President Donald Trump. His nickname on Facebook is “MAGA” which is the President’s famous slogan that stands for “Make America Great Again” and he can be seen wearing the trademark red hat in his profile picture.

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