Dallas Tornado Damage: See Photos & Locations of Reported Damage

Dallas tornado damage

Dallas Fire and Rescue Dallas tornado damage

A tornado confirmed in North Dallas left damage in its wake after it touched down after 9 p.m. on Sunday night, October 20, 2019. Businesses, homes, and churches were destroyed from the tornado, and now many people in Dallas are going to be starting the long path toward rebuilding. Here’s a look at the damage reports coming in so far.

The tornado touched down near 635 and Skillman in Dallas around 9:30 p.m., Fox 4 reported. Two supercells capable of producing tornadoes were reported in the Dallas area around that time, ABC 57 reported. The storms also left damage in Richardson and Midlothian.

The National Weather Service noted around that time: “At 9:26 PM CDT, a confirmed large tornado was located over Richardson, moving northeast at 25 mph. This tornado has produced damage on I-635. This is a PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION. TAKE COVER NOW!”

Residents in the area were instructed to take shelter, including those in Richardson and Sachse.

There were no serious injuries or fatalities, The New York Times reported. Despite the tornado hitting in a heavily populated area, only minor injuries were reported in Dallas.

Dallas City Hall later shared an update around 9 p.m., noting that about 35 traffic signals were down and the Dallas Fire and Police were assessing damaged structures. Residents were asked to stay indoors if they were in an affected area because of debris and downed power lines. But anyone who suspects a gas leak should get a safe distance away and call 911 and Atmos Energy’s emergency line at 866-322-8667.

Bachman Recreation Center would open around 2 a.m. for anyone needing shelter, an update from city officials noted.

Homes & Businesses Were Damaged or Destroyed by the Powerful Storm

Radar picked up debris near Dallas Love Field, WBAP reported. Flights were delayed at Dallas Love and at DFW due to the storms. But delayed flights were a minor inconvenience compared to the rebuilding families, business owners, and pastors will be doing after the tornado touched down.

The photo below shows damage near Harry Hines and Walnut Hill.

This map below shows the location of Harry Hines and Walnut Hill, where some reports of damage were noted, and how far it is from Dallas Love Field.

Some residents reported roofs blown off near the Preston Hollow region, WBAP reported.

The photo below is of what was once a two-story home in the Preston Hollow neighborhood.

Priscilla Castro Orozco shared these next heartbreaking photos from Primera Iglesia Bautista of Dallas. Orozco told Heavy that the pastor is Ricardo Bramblia and her father, a retired pastor, is a member of the church. She will be sharing with Heavy where people can donate to help the church once that information is available. She said that another church nearby was also destroyed.

Here is another post from the church itself that was shared on Facebook.

Iglesia Emanuela Church was destroyed in the storm, as you can see in the heartbreaking photo below.

Buildings along Walnut Hill were damaged, WFAA reported. This includes a structure collapse reported near Walnut Hill Lane and Harry Hines Boulevard.

This next video shows damage near Preston and Royal:

Tornado Causes Damage In Far North DallasAfter a tornado touched down in far North Dallas, damage can be seen along Preston and Royal.2019-10-21T02:58:41.000Z

The damage from the video above is near this area:

Former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush live near this region. Their home was not hit by a tornado. CBS DFW said a spokesman said that “they got lucky” and were praying for their neighbors in the city.

This video shows damage at a home near Walnut Hill and Midway.

Severe damage was reported near Dallas North Tollway and Royal Lane in North Dallas. The tweet below shows before-and-after pictures of a home at the Tollway and Royal Lane, along with a map of where this was reported.

This mansion was later confirmed to belong to Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars, WFAA reported. No one was home and the house was later reported to be up for sale.

Apparently Seguin no longer lives at the house, to the relief of worried fans.

Homes had a lot of damage in the region near the Tollway and Royal Lane.

This next video shows tornado damage on I-35 in Dallas.

This video was taken at I-35 near Loop 12.

And this video was taken right after the tornado crossed 635 just east of 75, according to the tweet below.

The Home Depot on Forest and 75 was severely damaged from the storm, possibly destroyed according to some reports, but that has not been confirmed.

Here is a map of where this store is located.

Another photo of the Home Depot is below.

KNON Studios was also hit by the tornado.

No one was injured and everyone was safe, Reckless Rock Radio confirmed later. This is where KNON is located:

Northway Church in Dallas was badly damaged. It appears to have taken a direct hit from the storm. It’s located near Walnut Hill and Marsh.

The Preston Royal shopping mall was also damaged.

Here’s a photo from the Preston Royal shopping center.

And a closeup of some of the shops there.


Here is a map where some of the above damage was found.

Here is a photo of a home badly damaged in Richardson.

The 7-11 at Walnut Hill and Monroe also had extreme damage.

Here’s another photo from that region:

Here’s a map of the approximate location where that 7-11 was damaged:

The region of Walnut Hill and Monroe was hit hard by the tornado. Search and rescue efforts were underway.

And here is damage seen at an apartment in the region that was hit.

There was some damage at Thomas Jefferson High School too.

Aerial Photos Show Extreme Damage

Aerial photos show extreme damage in the city.

Here’s another video.

You can see the track of the tornado by following the congestion on Google Maps north of Love Field.

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