Rives Grogan: Protester ID’d After Breaking Into Impeachment Trial

Getty Anti-abortion protestor Rives Grogan escorted by Capitol Police

An anti-abortion protestor, later identified by the Washington Examiner as Rives Miller Grogan, was somehow able to get inside the Senate gallery during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Wednesday. While Democratic-appointed House Manager Hakeem Jeffries was making his opening statements, NBC News reporter Deepa Shivaram tweeted, “Protestor outside the senate chamber was pinned down by Capitol security and was shouting about abortion and Nancy Pelosi, and shouting to end the impeachment trial.”

Capitol Police said in a statement to Heavy, “This evening, the United States Capitol Police arrested one adult male when he unlawfully entered into the Senate Gallery. He was charged with D.C. Code §10-503.16, Unlawful Conduct. The investigation is continuing and additional charges may be forthcoming.”

While there doesn’t appear to be any video of the incident, numerous reporters corroborated the same story. AJC’s Washington correspondent Tia Mitchell tweeted, “Some type of protester got into the Senate gallery. He is yelling. And cursing. “Schumer is the devil.” He was saying.'”

Chuck Schumer, 69, a senator from New York, has served as the Senate Minority Leader since 2017. In the video below, you can hear Grogan shouting while Jeffries continues on with his statement.

“I went back and watched the @cspan feed. Rep. Jeffries was speaking and then someone started yelling something, invoking the name of Jesus Christ,” Mitchell tweeted. “[Chieg Justice] Roberts banged his gavel and said: The Senate will be in order; the Sgt at arms will restore order in the gallery.”

“That is when all us media folks went to see what was going on; we couldn’t see the guy because they wouldnt let us down the hallway but we could hear him yelling,” Mitchell continued. “The Cameras were trained on Jeffries so no video from the Chamber.”

Grogan Is A Pro-Life, Pro-Trump Activist, Known For Causing Outbursts At Public Events

Grogan’s Twitter profile states the following in his bio: “Pastor/Pro-Life activist/ We provide a Christian Sober Living Home in LA, CA for 9 months with our GR program. Out- of- State people welcome! 323-572-1086.”

His tweets are mostly articles supporting Trump, and he’s well known in the District for staging anti-abortion protests. During President Obama’s inauguration in 2013, the Observer reported Grogan climbed a tree near the National Mall and shouted anti-abortion slogans. Afterward, he was charged with a misdemeanor and contempt of court for violating an order to stay away from the Capital.

In October 2012, Grogan was arrested after running an onto the field of during the NLDS playoff game between the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants. He caused a nearly 3-minute delay of game while yelling, “Abortion is sin!”

Grogen Reportedly Yelled ‘They’re Trying To Overturn The Election’ Before Being Dragged Out By Security

While the identity of the protestor has not been revealed, Washington Bureau Chief Todd J. Gillman tweeted out more details of the outburst. He tweeted, “A protester just burst into the Senate gallery, Gallery 5, across chamber from the dais, yelling something like ‘Jesus Christ! They’re trying to overturn the election!’ Capitol Police instantly grabbed him and pulled him out to the hall. Yelling continued. #impeachmenttrial.”

Gillman followed up his first tweeted by adding, “As security dragged out #protester, still yelling, Chief Justice Roberts banged his gavel: “The Senate will be in order. The sergeant at arms will restore order in the gallery.” @RepJeffries continued presentation. Reports the man was yelling about abortion. #ImpeachmentTrial.”

TIME correspondent Vera Bergengruen tweeted that she heard the protestor shout, “Dismiss the charges” and “Abortion!” before being “wrestled to the ground.”

Other witnesses also reported that Grogan was not going away quietly and shouting while police dragged him out of the Senate gallery.

CSPAN reporter Craig Caplan tweeted, “Protestor burst into Senate public gallery above the floor yelling during Jeffries remarks in the impeachment trial. Police pulled him out and he continued to yell in the hallway before he was taken away. ‘Schumer is the devil’ he said.”

Rives Grogan Was Arrested & Charged With Unlawful Conduct

Chad Pergram, FOX News reporter, tweeted that the protestor was arrested and that further charges may be forthcoming following an investigation.

The outburst took place during the second day of what’s expected to be a long and intense impeachment trial. After the House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump, the trial moved to the Senate, where a final judgment on the President will be made.

During the trial, which started Tuesday, the appointed White House team and the appointed House Impeachment Managers will present their case to Chief Justice John Roberts, who is presiding over the trial.

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