Tom Steyer Trying to Be Bernie Sanders’ Friend Is the Buddy Comedy We Need

Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer

Getty Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer really, really seems to want to be Bernie Sanders’ new best friend. From his awkward attempt at making conversation during the Democratic debate to a tweet about how he likes Bernie Sanders (despite Hillary Clinton’s comments that no one does), he seems to be really trying to forge a friendship. Twitter users can’t help but admire his persistence. Here’s a look at what Steyer has done so far and all the memes, jokes, and tweets that have grown out of the Steyer and Bernie interactions.

He Awkwardly Said Hi During Warren & Sanders’ Disagreement


First, there was the Democratic debate when he awkwardly tried to tell Bernie Sanders hi. Instead, he found himself caught in the middle of a very heated discussion between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, after she wouldn’t shake his hand.

After Sanders walked away to prevent the conversation from getting even more heated, Steyer told Sanders that he just wanted to say hi.

And people couldn’t stop laughing about Steyer’s awkwardness, partially because so many of us have been there.


That interaction spawned a lot of memes and jokes.

And some pretty funny storylines were born:

Steyer Looked Really Happy To Be Near Sanders on Monday


Then on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Steyer got a chance to sit near Sanders again. And he just couldn’t contain his joy. He and Sanders danced near each other and, eventually, he got Sanders’ attention.


At first, he didn’t quite catch Sanders’ eye while they were dancing.

One person wrote: “Tom Steyer’s dream of becoming friends with Bernie looking closer to reality every day.”

Some people noticed that Sanders seemed to brush him off again at one point.

But it seems a friendship may be developing. One person on Twitter wrote: “Get yourself someone who talks to you like Tom Steyer talks to Bernie Sanders.”

That’s a resounding theme right now.

Nina Turner had positive things to say about Steyer, reported Ruby Cramer of Buzzfeed News. Turner said: “Mr. Steyer is fond of the senator — you know, obviously … and he likes to say hello. We need more of that. We need more of that in politics.”

The theories about Steyer are great. One person wrote: “have we considered that tom steyer could be a scottie dog granted human form and his only goal is to reunite with former owner bernie sanders.”

And Steyer posted about their interaction too.

Then Steyer Proclaimed ‘I Like Bernie’ on Twitter

Finally, after Hillary Clinton said in an interview that “no one likes Bernie,” Steyer had to counter that as quickly as possible. He jumped at the opportunity, proclaiming on Twitter: “I like Bernie.”

Steyer wrote: “At the risk of getting in the middle of it — I like @BernieSanders. Now let’s move on, America.”

People were predicting his comment before he even said it.

And of course, people aren’t ready to move on.

Steyer and Sanders’s friendship is one of the most entertaining election stories coming out of the 2020 campaign.

Others are confused by him. One person wrote: “Tom Steyer is an enigma to me. Do I like him because he seems like a genuine guy who also happens to fanboy over Bernie Sanders or do I eat him because he’s rich?”

Another wrote: “Damn it I really like Tom Steyer on a personal level and that’s probably the biggest surprise of this 2020 season.”

This joke might be the best of all:

Yes, Steyer certainly seems to be here to make a new friend. And some are now joking that Steyer only ran so he could be Sanders’ friend.

As @Fishbones2017 wrote: “Tom Steyer entered the Presidential race because he saw it as his best chance to meet Bernie Sanders.”

Whatever the case, it’s a much needed “buddy comedy” levity after how serious things have been lately on the Internet.

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