Carol Kiparsky & Ian Irwin Found: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kiparsky and Irwin

Marin County Sheriff Kiparsky and Irwin

Carol Kiparsky and Ian Irwin are missing after the Palo Alto couple stayed at a vacation rental home in Marin County, California. The couple’s belongings, including their car, phones, and laptops, were still in the rental. They were found alive nearly a week later. Here’s what we know so far about Kiparsky and Irwin.

1. They Were Last Seen on Friday, February 14 & Did Not Check Out of Their Rental. They Were Found Alive a Week Later.


Kiparsky and Irwin were supposed to check out of their rental on Saturday morning, February 15, Palo Alto Online reported. They were last seen the day before, on February 14, 2020. They missed an appointment on Sunday. Kiparsky is 77 and Irwin is 72, KPIX reported. According to KTVU, they were staying at an Airbnb.

Irwin’s son, Jonas Irwin, told PA Daily Post that he had last heard from his dad through a text message on Valentine’s Day. He said that Irwin was supposed to watch his son play game on Monday and “he had every intention of coming back.”

Friends and relatives have not heard from the couple.

Kiparsky has a Facebook page, but the page is empty except for one profile photo and a notation that she lives in Palo Alto, California. There are no other public statuses or public photos.

KTVU reported on February 22 that the couple was found alive on Saturday morning, eight days after they went missing. They were found in a wooded area and needed to be flown by helicopter to the general store. An ambulance would then take them to the hospital.

More details about what happened or their condition have not been shared, Palo Alto Online reported. They were found after their search had been designated a recovery mission instead, as hopes they would be found alive dwindled.

2. Early Reports Said They May Have Gone Hiking, But the Sheriff Later Said Their Hiking Gear Was at the Rental

A post on February 16 by the Marin County Sheriff’s Office said they were “possibly hiking in the Inverness area.”

In contrast to the Sheriff’s office post, KPIX reported on February 17 that there were no indications that the couple had gone hiking. Sgt. Brenton Schneider, Marin County Sheriff, told KPIX that their hiking gear was found in their house. There were also no indications of foul play.

Felix Chamberland, who lives in the area, told KPIX that he saw them walking on the road on Thursday, the day before they were last seen. “They didn’t look like they’d be cross country trekking whatsoever,” he said. “I said hello to them and they nodded and acknowledged me.”

3. Their Phones, Laptops, & Wallets Were at the Home

The couple’s belongings were still at their rental. They left behind their wallets, laptops, food, and cell phones, according to a press release from the Sheriff’s department and a report by KPIX. Their car was still at the cottage too, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office shared.

They were staying at a vacation rental in the Inverness/Seahaven region, on Via De La Vista, Palo Alto Online reported. Via De La Vista is a street in the Inverness/Seahaven community. A search of Via De La Vista reveals multiple million-dollar homes on the street. It’s not known exactly which home the couple was staying at, but KTVU reported that they had stayed at the home before.

Sarah Eubank-Abrams, a property manager in the region, wrote on Facebook that the property they were staying at had been completely searched. She wrote: ” I can personally vouch that the property was COMPLETELY searched! … Send love and prayers to the family and all the MCS&R volunteers who are working tirelessly.”

4. Irwin Is a Scientist Who Studied Parkinson’s Disease & Kiparsky Is a Linguist

Kiparsky Facebook

Kiparsky Facebook

Irwin was a scientist before he retired, his son told PA Daily Post. He studied Parkinson’s disease and AIDS. Kiparsky is a linguist who’s now retired. She was also a tech writer before retiring.

5. An Extensive Search Was Conducted for the Couple

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office said that there were no clues as to what happened to the couple. An extensive search was undertaken for the couple. On February 18, more than 40 search and rescue team members looked for the couple using K9 teams, UAVs, boats, and people on the ground.

Here’s another post about the search. Marin County Search and Rescue wrote on February 17: “The search for two missing persons in the the Inverness area began Sunday afternoon, continued through the night, and evolved into a large mutual aid operation today. Over 130 searchers joined today’s operation. We plan to continue searching tomorrow at 0800..”

Kiparsky is 5’2″, 115 pounds, Caucasian with gray hair and blue eyes. Irwin is 6’1″, 175 pounds, Caucasian with some gray hair (partially bald) and blue eyes.

If you have any information, call the Marin County Sheriff’s Office at 415-479-2311.

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