Coronavirus Now: COVID-19 Updates for June 4

As of June 4, confirmed cases of COVID-19 now number at more than 6.5 million around the world, including more than 1.88 million cases in the United States and more than 107,000 U.S. deaths. You can see a breakdown of coronavirus cases throughout the world and within the U.S. on the map and chart above.

Below you’ll find updates on the latest news about the coronavirus.

June 4 News Updates

Florida Sees Biggest Daily Gain in COVID-19 Cases in Six Weeks

On June 3, Florida reported the largest daily gain in COVID-19 cases in six weeks, the Miami Herald reported. This brings the total to 58,764 confirmed cases in the state. The statewide toll in deaths was 2,566 at the time the announcement was made.

Oklahoma State Linebacker Tests Positive After Protest

Amen Ogbongbemiga, linebacker for Oklahoma State, tested positive for COVID-19 after he attended a protest, CNN reported. He later said that he did not intend to indicate that he caught the virus at the protest, but simply wanted to increase awareness as he was asymptomatic.

Experts are worried that COVID-19 cases might increase after the protests across the country.

Fauci Says Keeping Schools Closed or Open in the Fall Should Be a Community-Level Decision

Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN that keeping schools closed in the fall due to COVID-19 concerns might be a “bit of a reach,” since children tend to have milder symptoms in general. He said each community should decide based on the level of infection there, as it’s unclear how frequently children get infected and then pass the virus on to others. The decision must be based on the viral activity in a particular community, rather than making a broad decision overall.

Texas Enters Phase III of Reopening

Gov. Greg  Abbott announced that Texas is entering Phase III of reopening, KSAT reported. Businesses can have up to 50% capacity, except for those who were already able to operate at up to 100% (those may continue to do so.) Bars can increase their capacity to 50% if patrons are seated. Amusement parks in counties with less than 1,000 cases can open at 50%. Restaurants can expand table size to 10 people.

On June 12, restaurants can expand to 75% capacity and counties with 10 or fewer active cases can expand occupancy limits to 75%.

Vaccine Updates

GettyA woman leaves Life Care Center of Kirkland on February 29, 2020, in Kirkland, Washington.

Moderna’s new vaccine has shown promise in early trials of eight volunteers who received two doses, The New York Times reported. The vaccine showed a safe immune response. The trial will now be repeated with hundreds and later thousands of people in a July trial. The vaccine uses mRNA from the virus, which is a new process. The earliest a Moderna vaccine might be available would be the end of this year or early 2021.

Oxford University researchers have tested a vaccine that successfully works in monkeys and is being tested in Britain volunteers, WUSA9 reported in late April. If all goes well, the first few million doses could be ready as soon as September. The vaccine uses genes from a spikey protein to help the immune system make antibodies.

Bill Gates is funding factories that will test seven vaccine candidates to help mobilize vaccines faster, Business Insider reported in early April. He said: “Even though we’ll end up picking at most two of them, we’re going to fund factories for all seven, just so that we don’t waste time.”

A second potential COVID-19 vaccine is entering Phase 1 clinical human trials, TechCrunch reported in early April.  This one is from Inovio and is the INO-4800 DNA vaccine. Inovio completed Phase 1 trial for a similar DNA vaccine for MERS. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is backing this trial.

On March 30, Johnson & Johnson announced that it will start human clinical trials for a vaccine in September, with the first round not being available until early 2021.

A clinical vaccine trial funded by NIH at Kaiser Permanente in Washington began on Monday, March 16. Forty-five people participated in the first round. The vaccine candidate code is mRNA-1273. As of May 1, about 2/3 of the participants had gotten their first of two doses, NBC News reported.

Israeli scientists have said they may be close to a vaccine, The Jerusalem Post reported. Scientists have been working on a vaccine against a bronchial disease that affected poultry. Dr. Chen Katz told The Jerusalem Post that out of luck, they had chosen a coronavirus as the proof of concept for their technology, and the DNA of COVID-19 is very similar.

Greffex in Houston has a potential vaccine ready for animal testing, Yahoo! reported. And Walter Reed and the U.S. Army have been conducting animal studies since January.

Coronavirus Trends in the United States

An interactive map from shows recent trends in deaths per state over the last 14 and 7 days. You can view the full map here. Green means the trend is decreasing, red means the deaths are increasing. Circles show the prior 14 days and triangles show the prior seven days.

Open this map full screen.

Another map sourcing the most recent news about the virus can be found here.

If you are concerned about your symptoms, talk with your doctor right away.

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