Leaning Tower of Dallas: Best Photos & Videos

Leaning Tower of Dallas

Amy Chien Leaning Tower of Dallas

A building in Dallas, Texas, has been nicknamed the “Leaning Tower of Dallas” after an implosion on Sunday morning failed to take the entire building down. Now a portion of the building remains, leaning heavily to one side. It’s inspired a lot of memes, jokes, and photos. Read on to learn more about what happened and see videos, photos, and jokes. The photo above was taken by Amy Chien and shared with Heavy.com.

The Leaning Tower of Dallas Has Inspired A Lot of Jokes & Some Impressive Photos

Here’s an overview photo of the Leaning Tower, provided to Heavy by Amy Chien.

Amy Chien

And here’s a before-and-after shot using the same photo from Chien, and another photo provided to Heavy by Chelsea Raggio.

Chelsea Raggio/Amy Chien

What’s left of the high-rise on Central Expressway and Haskell Avenue isn’t a threat to anyone, a Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition spokesperson told CBS DFW. The implosion happened early Sunday morning, but only part of the building fell. The spokesperson said this wasn’t unusual. “As with many demolitions, the core and elevator shafts require additional demolition measures, and we will proceed with conventional demolition efforts over the course of the week utilizing a crane and wrecking ball.”

Here’s the moment when the Leaning Tower of Dallas was born.

WATCH: Implosion Fails To Take Down Uptown Dallas Office BuildingThe high rise office building set for implosion in Uptown Dallas Sunday morning refused to come down.2020-02-17T00:44:24.000Z

Here’s another video of the Leaning Tower later in the day.

Leaning Tower of Dallas still stands more than 12 hours after scheduled implosionAn 11-story tower was supposed to be demolished Sunday morning in Uptown, but the building located at 2828 North Haskell Avenue did not entirely collapse.2020-02-17T04:07:24.000Z

Lloyd Nabors, president of Lloyd Nabors Demolition, told WFAA 8 that the building would be completely demolished by the end of Sunday, but that didn’t happen. He told WFAA 8: “It’s actually leaning in the direction to fall that we intended. It’s just a large parking lot– we have a lot of room, so we don’t have any safety concerns. We’re going to be taking it down from the backside, so we’re planning to have it come over in the parking lot, as planned.”

Crews planned to get back to work on the building on Monday morning.

Here’s a map of the building’s location.

What’s left of the 11-story building has inspired some very impressive photos, along with a lot of jokes and memes.

Amy Chien

Some people sang “I’m still standing” in honor of the building.

Here are some photos and videos of the building from people in the area. This first video was shared on Twitter by KRLD.

The building is Dallas’ version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It’s the big new attraction in Dallas.

Others are calling it the Tower of Doom, but the demolition company says it’s perfectly safe.

Here’s another photo.

Some people are taking tourist photos similar to what people take with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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Here are some up-close photos.

You can see fun photos on Reddit too, like this picture one Redditor took with their dog.

This picture shared on Reddit is pretty impressive.

Some people have said they wish we could just leave the tower standing like this.

It’s kind of like Where’s Waldo. Everyone wants to share a photo when they spotted the tower.

You can find photos on Facebook too.

Another Facebook photo:

Here’s the view from the 28th floor, shared on Facebook by Terri Jones.

Jeff wrote on Twitter: “Oops, an implosion masterpiece!”

Here are some photos from Instagram too. Pedro Gutierrez wrote: “Looks like the building explosion needed better engineering… Or the elevator shaft was over engineered when built.”

Here’s a great photo by Kastl Law PC.

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You can see the tower clearly on certain commutes in the Dallas area.

It’s not clear when the building will ultimately be taken down, but it will probably be gone soon. WFAA reported that the demolition company is going to spend Monday preparing to bring the rest of the building down and will be clearing space in the area. Then they’ll use a cruncher to bring the rest of the building down. So get your photos while you can.

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