6.5 Earthquake in Idaho: Map, Videos & Distance from Yellowstone

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An earthquake was reported in Idaho on Tuesday evening after another smaller earthquake was felt near Yellowstone earlier in the day on March 31. The Idaho earthquake was about 78 miles from Boise, and it was a magnitude of 6.5. Here are more details, including maps showing the earthquake’s location and videos as the earthquake happened.

The 6.5 Earthquake Was About 78 Miles from Boise

According to USGS.gov, this earthquake was reported at 44.448°N 115.136°W about 72 km west of Challis, Idaho. The quake was reported on the evening of March 31, 2020, and it was a magnitude of about 6.5.

According to Google Maps, this would put the earthquake’s location approximately here, but note that these locations might change as more details are known:

The current projected location is about 330 miles from Yellowstone, but the exact distance is still being determined. Google places the location as being about 78 miles from Boise, Idaho.

Here’s another look at the earthquake’s location, which is northwest of Stanley, Idaho:

According to USGS.gov, this earthquake was reported at 23:52 UTC on March 31.

Idaho Statesman said the earthquake was reported around 5:53 p.m., and the shaking lasted for about 20 to 30 seconds. The epicenter was 45 kilometers west of Challis.

The earthquake was felt not just in Boise but across much of the Pacific Northwest and even in parts of Canada.

People in Salt Lake City and Seattle felt the earthquake.

Here’s a historical earthquake map from that region:

Here’s a seismograph showing the earthquake:

You can see reports on Volcano Discovery of people talking about where they felt the earthquake. Reports are coming in from Missoula, Montana; Twin Falls, Idaho; Hayden Lake, Idaho; Florence, Montana and more. Some people say they are still experiencing aftershocks from the quake. One was a 4.9 earthquake aftershock at 6:27 p.m. just northwest of Stanley.

According to Volcano Discovery, the quake was a magnitude of 6.5 and a depth of 10.0 km.

Thankfully, Boise Police have said that so far they aren’t getting any damage reports.

Weather.com says this might have been the second-strongest earthquake in Idaho on record. In 1983, a 6.9 magnitude quake was felt on October 28.

Videos of the Earthquake

Here’s a video of the earthquake as it happened.

And some more videos.

Here’s a video of someone noticing the effects all the way in Beaverton, Oregon.

And in Syracuse, Utah.

A Smaller Earthquake Tuesday Was Reported Near Yellowstone

Another earthquake of magnitude 2.6 was reported around 15:36 UTC about 9 kilometers northwest of Yellowstone, Montana, on Tuesday, according to USGS.gov. This one was located at 44.740°N 111.138°W. You can see a map of where this smaller earthquake from earlier today was reported above.

Although you may read some apocalyptic posts about Yellowstone earthquakes, they’re not that unusual. According to NPS.gov, Yellowstone is seismically active and has about 700 to 3,000 earthquakes a year, but most aren’t actually felt.

Some people tweeted about the earthquake.

There was a snowstorm in Idaho Tuesday, too, some people have shared on Twitter.

With a pandemic currently on everyone’s minds, an earthquake feels like a little too much. So far, there are no reports on damage or other details regarding the earthquake. It’s possible there will be smaller aftershocks, too, some earthquake experts have noted.

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