Inmates Escape Yakima County Jail in Washington [VIDEO]

Yakima Jail Escape

Twitter Yakima Jail Escape

Inmates are still at large after escaping from the Yakima County jail around 7 p.m. this evening. Police are still searching for the inmates after capturing at least nine. Here’s what we know so far, along with two videos that appear to show the escape. As of Tuesday afternoon, the inmates were still not located according to the most recent reports.

Six Inmates Are Still At Large After Escaping

The inmates escaped around 7:10 p.m. local time on Monday night, Yakima Herald reported. They were last seen wearing jail-issued clothing and may be either barefoot or have on orange sandals, according to authorities.

According to the Yakima Police Department’s Twitter account, there are eight inmates unaccounted for. However, the Twitter account later issued a correction and said that the number of inmates unaccounted for is not currently known. Later, KOMO News reported there were five inmates still at large after nine were captured.

Names and photos of the inmates have not yet been released, but officials saw they are “low level offenders,” KOMO News reported. Multiple agencies are looking for the escaped inmates.

Here is what the majority of the escaped inmates were wearing when last seen. They may also have on orange sandals or might be barefoot.

Residents are being asked to stay indoors.

Residents in the area are also under a stay-at-home order statewide.

Two Videos Show the Inmates’ Escaping

Some people said they caught the escape on camera. This first video appears to show a police officer chasing one of the escaped inmates.

Here’s another video showing a group escaping that’s gone viral. It’s not clear where the video originated from and police have not yet confirmed the video, but local media have confirmed the video as authentic.

Although the videos themselves aren’t verified, police have verified that a group of inmates did escape. Police are asking residents to call if they see anything suspicious in the northeast or southeast part of Yakima, KIMA TV reported.

Yakima County PD is assisting the county in searching for the escaped inmates.

Here Are the Missing Inmates

The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office shared the names of the six inmates who are at large in a Facebook video.

See a full breakdown of the names, photos, and charges of the escaped inmates in Heavy’s story here.

Heavy reviewed the roster for the Yakima County Jail to determine more information about the escaped inmates. The escaped inmates include:

Miguel Angel Chaves-Amezcua from Moses Lake, WA – 27

Yakima County

Hugo Alejandro Amezcua-Hernandez from Yakima, WA – 28

Yakima County

Fernando Gustavo Castaneda-Sandoval from Yakima, WA – 31

Yakima County

Neftali Serrano from Yakima, WA – 27

Yakima County

Andrew Derrick Wolfley from Union Gap, WA

Yakima County

Tyrone Adam Mulvaney from Moses Lake, WA – 34

Yakima County

The escape happened on the same day that Washington Gov. Jay Inslee issued a two week stay-at-home order for the entire state due to the coronavirus outbreak, ordering any non-essential businesses to close, The Columbian reported. The stay-at-home order effects seven million residents and is expected to remain in effect until April 6. Earlier, Inslee ordered that bars and dine-in restaurants and other entertainment facilities close. People are supposed to stay at home unless they are taking part in an essential activity, such as getting groceries or working at an essential business or going for a walk. Restaurants can still be open for take-out or delivery orders.

Last week, 11 inmates at the Yakima County were temporarily quarantined after three inmates had a cough, KIMA TV reported. The quarantine was later lifted after test results for the three cases were negative.

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