Jeremy Garnier: Missouri Man Dressed as The Joker Accused of Making Threats

Jeremy Garnier

Jeremy Garnier Facebook

Jeremy Garnier is a Missouri man is accused of threatening to bomb and kill people in a livestream video on Facebook while dressed as The Joker. However, his fans say his intentions have been misunderstood.

Garnier goes by Jeremy jdubb Garnier on Facebook. On Monday night, he did a Facebook video stream, in which he wore Joker makeup and said, among other things, “I can’t be inebriated when I’m planning on killing a bunch of people.”

He also said, “When you share this video, let them know that the Joker ain’t joking around when it comes to serious addiction. You need to leave that stuff alone and inspire the children not to do it.”

At another point, he said, “Yes, I’m doing this for attention. But the attention I seek is to take over the world with a new concept: That opiates aren’t cool.”

He was arrested shortly after and charged with making a terrorist threat, The Washington Post reports.

However, Garnier’s friends say that his performance was totally misunderstood, and that Garnier was actually trying to raise awareness around the opioid crisis in the area. A GoFundMe page has since been made for Garnier, with a goal of $5,000, to pay for a retainer fee for Garnier’s legal defense.

Here’s what you need to know:

Garnier Livestreamed the Video from a Restaurant and Music Club, Authorities Say

According to a report by officials in University City, Missouri, police received a call on Monday evening about a “disturbance involving a male subject dressed in a costume.” Authorities found Garnier live-streaming his video from a restaurant and music club called Blueberry Hill.

“The caller(s) further advised the suspect was making threats via the Facebook Live app. and streaming the live video feed,” the official report reads. “After officers searched the area, the suspect was taken into custody, without incident for various violations.”

Garnier is now being held without bond, and charged with a first degree felony.

You can see the full video above. It hasn’t been taken down by Facebook. In the video, which is just under an hour long, Garnier appears to start in an apartment, drive to a club, and finish the video talking to people at the club. At the end of the video, Garnier can be seen getting handcuffed. Right before the video cuts off, he can be heard saying, “It’s all good,” to police officers.

Garnier Has Over 12,000 Followers on Facebook, and Goes by ‘Uncle Dubb’

Garnier is a minor Facebook celebrity, with over 12,000 followers. The Facebook video in question, in which Garnier “threatens” to kill people and warns about the dangers of the opioid crisis, has garnered over 58,000 views in the three days since it was posted.

Garnier’s bio reads, “I’m undefinable, unimaginable,I can not categorize who or what I am. I’m complex yet simple. I’m Slum”

He’s posted a number of videos over time. He appears to have a profession as a tattoo artist; some of his videos show him inking up arms. He’s also no stranger to Joker makeup. The photo above shows him in similar Joker makeup to what he wore for Monday’s video, but that was taken in 2017.

Garnier’s Friends & Supporters Have Set up a GoFundMe for His Legal Costs: ‘He Was Not Threatening Anyone’

Jeremy Garnier

A GoFundMe was established for Garnier on Wednesday, with the hope of raising money for Garnier’s legal funds. The summary for the fundraiser reads,

Jeremy was taken into custody Monday night at Blueberry Hill while Live on Facebook…He was in full makeup and costume as The Joker and was entertaining his followers by acting like The Joker. The video is on his Facebook wall.  Someone reported  mistakenly that he was making “threats” when he was only playing a role.  He is being held at St. Louis County jail charged with making “terroristic threats” and given no bond.  While this was undoubtedly not Jeremy’s best decision considering the consequences…he was not threatening anyone.  As he says… he was chasing ‘clout’…trying to increase his Facebook viewerss  and bring attention to the opiate crisis plaguing this country. This is an extremely serious felony charge…I’m asking for your help so I can retain an attorney to get Jeremy a psych evaluation to show he truly is not a threat to society and to hopefully get a bond and get these charges dropped or at least reduced.  I willi be eternity grateful for any help.!!!!!


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