Antrum, the Movie: Is It Cursed? Is It a Real Story?

antrum movie cursed

TikTok screenshot Is the Antrum movie cursed? Is it real?

Lots of people on TikTok are pushing the horror movie Antrum. They say the movie is cursed, that it’s the “deadliest movie ever made,” and that people have died watching it and you could too.

Is any of it true? Is Antrum really cursed, and is it a real story? The claims that Antrum is cursed have also migrated to other social media platforms, like Twitter, and have sent the movie’s popularity soaring on Amazon Prime. No, it’s not true, though. It’s fiction, with a clever gimmick designed to give it a documentary – and thus true – feel.

Here’s the film’s set up. Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made “is purported to be a cursed cinematic project from the late 1970s that was lost for many years and capable of killing almost anyone who claps eyes on it, particularly obstinate film festival organizers,” Forbes reports.

It’s got quite a buzz going on social media.

But it’s just a story directed by David Amito and Michael Laicini. Confusing viewers, parts of the movie were shot in documentary style. In fact, the movie follows in the footsteps of movies like the Blair Witch Project that also tried to confuse people into thinking they were real through the use of a documentary shooting style.

Some examples of the hype on TikTok:

Here’s what you need to know:

The Antrum Movie Claims That Audience Members Died While Watching It, But It’s Just Part of the Fiction

ANTRUM Final Official Trailer – Horror – 2019 (HD)Available now! Get it on iTunes: Get it on Amazon: A young boy and girl enter the forest to dig a hole to hell. Said to be a cursed film from the late 1970s, Antrum examines the horrifying power of storytelling. Directed by David Amito, Michael Laicini Written by David Amito Starring Rowan…2019-11-12T19:03:44.000Z

In February 2020, UK Express, a British publication, explained, “Horror movie Antrum claims that 56 audience members were killed in a tragic accident in 1988 when a small movie theatre in Budapest Hungary burnt to the ground. Another screening apparently claimed a further 30 lives in an unexplained explosion.”

That narrative is part of the “cursed” storyline that’s generating fear on social media.

Although the movie claims it’s a “rediscovered print from the 1970s of a long-lost cursed cult horror movie,” says Express, actually it was first released at horror movie festivals in 2018 before slowly gaining in popularity. The movie opens with a warning delivered by a supposed expert: Antrum isn’t safe.

It’s fake. The supposed curse and deaths are “part of the entire fake construct,” Express explains. According to Slash Film, “this is a mockumentary about an infamously cursed film that literally kills those who watch it.” It’s a “gimmick,” the site reports.

Some fans have caught on. The curse is part of the plot.

The movie can be found on Amazon Prime.

“Rumored to have been lost, Antrum appears as a cursed film from the 1970s. Viewers are warned to proceed with caution. It’s said to be a story about a young boy and girl who enter the forest to save the soul of their recently deceased pet. They journey to The Antrum, the very spot the devil landed after being cast out of heaven. There, the children begin to dig a hole to hell,” the movie blurb says.

Horror, Suspense

Michael Laicini, David Amito

Nicole Tompkins, Rowan Smyth, Dan Istrate.”

The release date is given as 2019.

The blurb with the movie on Rotten Tomatoes explains, “Antrum, a feature length film shot in the late 1970’s, is said to be cursed. In 1988, a movie theatre in Budapest that was screening the film burnt to the ground, killing the 56 people who were in attendance. This incident follows the inexplicable deaths of a number of film festival programmers that had received Antrum as a submission and died shortly after watching it. These events have created a belief that watching Antrum will kill you. Else Films has successfully tracked down a sole copy of the film and packaged it for public release. The film is about a young boy and girl that enter a forest and dig a hole to hell. As one programmer observed of Antrum, “You don’t watch the film, the film watches you.”

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