Business Icon Barry Diller Calls Trump a ‘Witch Doctor’ on ‘Face the Nation’

Barry Diller

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Barry Diller, senior executive and chairman of Expedia Group and InterActiveCorp, called President Donald Trump a witch doctor during an interview on Face the Nation. Diller was speaking with Margaret Brennan about the economic impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and during the discussion, Diller said that the federal government needs to give guidance to the private sector on reopening after the coronavirus.

According to the businessman, the Trump administration has not been sufficient in offering advice.

When speaking about businesses reopening, Diller said, “The thing is, we’re going to have to go through a lot a new kind of, let’s call it risk calculation. And that’s based upon levels of what we believe is safe and not safe. We’re going to have to be told, now, unfortunately, we have a witch doctor as President and he [isn’t] going to tell us.”

A clip of Diller’s comment was shared by the CBS television show:

Diller Said That There Is ‘No Chance’ for an Economic Rebound This Summer

During his interview with Brennan on Face the Nation, the moderator asked the businessman about the “reality that [he] sees” for the economy rebounding in the coming months.

He said, “There’s no chance. I mean, certainly the summer. I actually think the summer’s going to be a petri dish of all things, petri is probably a terrible word to use right now. But there’s going to be all sorts of experimenting going on. We’ll experiment with what that social distancing [means], when there is no real distancing, certainly in the cities.”

He continued, “So, I think it’s going to be a period where it’s going to be a big mess, and by September, possibly I think, we’ll see things, some things, economically return. I think people will be going back to work, [certainly] by Labour Day.”

“To anyone who thinks that this economy is going to bounce, you’d have to have the idea of a rubber ball [that’s] not in existence to think that it’s going to bounce high,” Diller said. “It can’t. The damage that is being done is catastrophic.”

Diller Believes Social Distancing in Small Areas, Like an Airplane, Is a ‘Myth’

While on Face the Nation, Diller spoke to Brennan about social distancing in small areas like an airplane or theater. He said, “The idea that you can take the middle seat out of an airplane and have any kind of ‘social distancing’ is absurd. You can’t, it does not work. Social distancing works when it’s complete. Now there are some things you can do when you’re not in tight urban areas or in tight capsules, like a plane.”

Diller said that “cleaning planes better” would be a good idea, but it still doesn’t fix the social distancing issue.

The businessman continued, “What I’d like to know is, do masks work? Giving it or getting it. Because if masks work, and we’re all ordered to wear them, that’s at least something.”

Diller doesn’t believe that maintaining six-feet apart in small areas, like theaters or restaurants, is feasible. He said, “Social distancing in these kinds of arenas is a myth.”

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