Dr. Theresa Greene: Florida Doctor Loses Custody of Child Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Theresa Greene

Dr. Theresa Greene pictured on her Facebook page in May 2018.

Dr. Theresa Greene is the Florida ER doctor who has lost custody of her 4-year-old child to her ex-husband, Eric Greene. Dr. Greene says she has tested negative for coronavirus.

Prior to the pandemic, Dr. Greene had shared custody of her daughter with her husband. Following the outbreak of the virus, Eric Greene filed for full custody. In his filing, Eric Greene cited the potential health risks his daughter might face due to Dr. Greene’s work.

Greene Has Called the Judge’s Decision: ‘Discrimination’

COVID-19 Leads to Custody Battle | NBC 6Ari Odzer reports on an ER doctor losing custody of her children after her ex husband filed for full custody due to the pandemic. NBC 6 on Twitter: @NBC6 | twitter.com/nbc6 NBC 6 on Instagram: @NBC6 | instagram.com/nbc6 NBC 6 on Facebook: facebook.com/nbcmiami NBC 6 on YouTube: youtube.com/nbc6southflorida NBC 6/WTVJ was Florida’s first television station…2020-04-10T22:13:59.000Z

Dr. Greene said in an interview with NBC Miami that she felt as though the judge’s decision to grant full custody of her daughter was “discrimination” against frontline healthcare workers. Dr. Greene told the station, “I know I’m not alone, first responders, nurses, so many people in this position who, because they’re divorced, their children are suffering and they’re being told they can’t see them, and it’s just not fair.”

In the court documents, Judge Bernard Shapiro said that the ruling was due to the pandemic. Dr. Greene said that she felt the judge had come to the ruling without seeking proper medical advice. Dr. Greene also told the station, “You know I took an oath and I really believe in that, that’s why I went into medicine, to help people.” The doctor added that she will continue to fight COVID-19 on the frontline while also fighting the judge’s ruling.

Greene Is a Graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Medicine

dr. theresa greene

Facebook/Theresa Hawkins GreeneDr. Greene pictured on her frontline of the battle against coronavirus in March 2020.

According to Dr. Greene’s LinkedIn page, she has been an emergency medicine physician at North Shore Medical Center in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area since 2014. Dr. Greene, who attended the Georgetown University School of Medicine, is a native of New York. Prior to working in Florida, Dr. Greene worked as an attending at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Prior to that, Dr. Greene was an attending at Nassau University Medical Center. Dr. Greene completed her residency at New York Methodist.

In Dr. Greene’s last visible Facebook post, the physician paid tribute to her home state’s battle with the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Greene said, “My heart is just breaking thinking of NY right now, my home, where I grew up in life and in medicine. My former hospitals and colleagues are bearing the brunt of this pandemic. I used to look out over NY Harbor and Lady Liberty from my FiDi apartment, and all I can think of is the pain and devastation there now. My prayers go out to you!”

Eric Greene works as a web developer in the Miami-area. He is a graduate of Wake Forest University. Despite the couple’s divorce, Dr. Greene retains photos of her ex-husband on her page, including photos with their daughter and pictures of their May 2013 wedding.

Since the outbreak of the virus, numerous medical professionals have come forward with stories of self-sacrifice as the quarantine from their family’s while fighting the virus.

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