Mia Farrow’s Daughter Quincy Hospitalized for Coronavirus

Mia Farrow and Quincy

Instagram Mia Farrow and Quincy, holding her baby Coretta.

Mia Farrow’s youngest daughter, 26-year-old Quincy Farrow-LePine, has been hospitalized due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Farrow revealed the news on her Twitter account on April 10, asking her fans to pray for her daughter.

She did not provide any information about Quincy’s condition, and she did not reveal which hospital her daughter is hospitalized at. It’s also unclear how long Quincy has been battling the virus.

Farrow’s tweet reads, “A personal request. If you would be so kind, would you please send up a prayer for my daughter Quincy. Today she had no alternative but to go the hospital for help in her struggle against the coronavirus.”

Quincy Was Adopted By Mia Farrow in 1994, When She Was One Year Old

Quincy, who was born Kaeli-Sha in 1993, is one of ten children that Mia Farrow adopted. She was adopted at the age of one, after the actress famously split from Woody Allen. The 26-year-old got married recently and she is the mother of a baby daughter named Coretta.

Here is an Instagram picture of Quincy’s 2017 wedding that Farrow shared just a week ago:

Her caption reads, “The day my youngest daughter, Quincy married wonderful Ethan. A year later their baby Coretta came along. Happiest memories rolling by from home in lockdown.”

Quincy is married to Ethan LePine, and together they have a 22-month-old daughter named Coretta. The family of three live in Hartford, Connecticut. Here is a picture Farrow shared of the family:

Quincy works as a real estate agent in Connecticut for First Choice Realty. On her realtor Facebook page, she said, “My goal as your Realtor is to find you the home of your dreams and build a relationship with you so I can better understand your personal needs. My attention to detail, individualized attention and follow through are what set me apart from the rest. Oh, and that fact that I love my job! Lets go house hunting together.”

The United States Continues to Lead the World in Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

John Hopkins University & Medicine has been tracking the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across the globe. As of 9:48 p.m. ET on April 10, the site was reporting that the total confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus was 1,690,416, with 367,777 individuals recovered and 102,753 deaths.

The United States leads all other countries in terms of the total number of cases. The country has 501,419 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 29,078 people recovered from the virus and 18,758 that have died.

In Quincy’s home state of Connecticut, there are 10,538 confirmed coronavirus cases, 448 deaths associated with COVID-19 and 1,562 patients in the hospital. These numbers were posted on the Connecticut government site at the end of the day on April 10.

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