COVID-19 Stimulus Check: You Can Now Call the IRS Directly

Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

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If you still have yet to receive your coronavirus stimulus check, you can now call the IRS hotline at 1-800-919-9835 to get updates on your payment.

On May 18, the IRS announced it is adding 3,500 telephone representatives to answer common questions about Economic Impact Payments. According to the IRS website, the agency hopes to bring in additional help “as state and local advisories permit.”

To date, the IRS has delivered 140 million stimulus payments to qualifying Americans, according to Fox. About 4 million Americans will receive their payments through prepaid debit cards, called an EIP cards, in the coming weeks. Still, millions of eligible individuals have yet to receive the $1,200 payments.

The IRS still encourages people who have not received their payments to check the Get My Payment tab on the IRS website rather than calling.

Why Haven’t I Received My Payment Yet?

Payments of up to $1,200 began rolling out on April 10 to eligible recipients for whom the IRS had direct deposit set up, according to CBS News.

“Others who are not required to file tax returns, such as low-income individuals, were encouraged to file basic information on the IRS website. Without this information, the government cannot issue a payment,” reported CBS.

Under the CARES Act, U.S. adults with Social Security numbers who make up to $75,000 annually are eligible to receive a payment of $1,200. Married couples who file jointly and earn less than $150,000 get $2,400. The payments are reduced for individuals who make more than $75,000 annually and phase out for individuals who earn more than $99,000 (or $198,000 for married couples).

Will You Get Another Stimulus Check?

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is whether they can expect to receive another stimulus check. The answer is unclear.

A second round of stimulus checks is included in the $3 trillion HEROES Act that passed a vote in the House of Representatives last Friday. As KRON 4 pointed out, the bill isn’t likely to pass in the Senate. Senate Republicans have dismissed it as “dead on arrival,” Forbes reported.

Along with additional payments to individuals, the HEROES Act would issue payments of $1,200 to up to three dependents per family. In addition, the 1,800-page proposal includes enhanced unemployment and sets aside money for struggling businesses, the U.S. Postal Service and coronavirus testing costs.

Forbes reported that the Senate likely won’t return to Washington until June, so “no quick action” will be taken when it comes to voting on the bill.

President Donald Trump has voiced his opposition to the House bill, echoing Senate Republican sentiments by calling the HEROES Act “DOA.”

Still, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding out hope for the proposed legislation, arguing that it would alleviate economic distress for millions of Americans.

While delivering remarks to the House of Representatives last week, Pelosi said, “Not to act now is not only irresponsible in a humanitarian way, it is irresponsible because it’s only going to cost more, more in terms of lives, livelihood, cost to the budget, cost to our democracy.”

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