Minneapolis on Fire: Hibachi, Post Office & Wells Fargo Burning [VIDEOS]

Minneapolis Fire

Facebook/Emma Leigh Fiala Minneapolis fire ignites during unrest.

As protests continue in Minneapolis, multiple locations are reported to be on fire on May 29 and early into the morning of May 30. These include a post office, a Wells Fargo, a Hibachi restaurant, and more. Videos and photos in the article below reveal multiple locations on fire as police and protesters clash. The third night of protests defied new curfews set in place. The night before, the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct was overrun as protesters denounced the death of George Floyd. At the same time, protesters clashed in New York City and many other cities across the country.

Some of the fires are burning close to Minneapolis Police’s Fifth Precinct, with flames seen at a Wells Fargo branch near the area, Fox 9 reported. The Fifth Precinct shared on Twitter that 350 troopers and officers were being sent to the region, while Gov. Tim Walz shared that National Guard soldiers were on the ground in the city.

The Fifth Precinct later tweeted, “Troopers are giving dispersal orders near the Fifth Precinct. Leave the area now or you will be arrested.”

Emma Leigh Fiala, a local journalist who has been reporting on the ground in Minneapolis since the protests began, shared on a live stream while on Nicollet Avenue that she saw city buses with their lights off, filled with troops or police officers, heading to the area.

Earlier she shared a live stream from the Fifth Precinct area. She said that some of the businesses targeted were the focus of specific frustrations, such as Wells Fargo and the types of loans the bank offers.

“This is about George, but this about a lot more than George,” she said. Fiala later said there were fireworks in the parking lot in that region. In the distance in the video below at about 31:00, you can see a small building on fire. She said a small Wells Fargo ATM was on fire and the larger Wells Fargo building was being broken into.

In the video below, you can see the Wells Fargo ATM on fire.

Here’s another angle of the Wells Fargo fire.

A local post office was also on fire. This photo shows Post Office 55408.

This was also near the 5th Precinct. In the video below, you can see smoke from the Post Office at 1st Ave and Lake Street, which is near the Hibachi restaurant and the Wells Fargo.

Another video showing a fire near the Hibachi restaurant, shared by David Schuman of local news WCCO.

Gov. Tim Walz had set a curfew order for 8 p.m. that was largely ignored.

And here’s another video from the region:

This video shows people trying to break into an ATM on Nicollet Avenue.

The fires tonight are focused near the Fifth Precinct in Minneapolis. Yesterday, the Third Precinct was overrun by protesters. The protests started two days earlier. A video of an unknown man carrying an umbrella and smashing windows at an AutoZone went viral. In the video, a man wearing a pink shirt could be seen confronting him about his actions. The man in the pink shirt shared why he was at the protest and his feelings about what happened in a video in Heavy’s story here.

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