WATCH: Looters Steal Televisions From Moving Train in Chicago

Looters Stealing Televisions in Chicago

YouTube Looters stealing televisions from a moving train in Chicago.

A video has been shared on social media of looters stealing TVs from a moving train in Chicago. Protests have erupted throughout the United States since George Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25. Looting has also become prevalent throughout the country since the tragic incident.

A video entitled “Protestors Loot TVs Off Moving Train In Chicago” was shared on Sunday, June 2, on YouTube. It shows dozens of people climbing a cargo train while it’s moving and snagging TVs from the train’s containers. The train was located outside a Union Pacific rail yard off Western Avenue at the time of the incident, the New York Post reported.

A rep for Union Pacific told the outlet: “We believe the burglary was instigated by people familiar with the area and the movement of our trains; however, once it was discovered TVs were inside the containers others joined in.” The rep also said that no arrests have been made.

The video was shared by TNT – Trending News Today. As of Thursday night, the video had been viewed almost 20,000 times on YouTube. Watch it below:

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The Reaction to the Train Looting Video Has Been Mixed

The response to the looting video has been mixed. One person commented on the video, “How is this honoring George Floyd? Someone gets hurt or killed on the train. Train workers gonna lose their jobs too.” Another person wrote: “George Floyd’s brother asked for peace and this is how they remember his memory.”

A YouTube user wrote: “The rich always looking at their bottom line , they prob told this company for years to hire more security and they don’t.” Another person commented: “This is their way of protesting. Please don’t judge the way anyone protests.”

One person wrote: “out right looting and disgusting way to protest. You dont see people stealing and robbing over other events.  Peaceful protests are fine but doing this just overshadowed the death of that guy by cops. Stop it do something constructive.”

A Video of a Brawl Between Protestors & Police in Chicago Went Viral Last Week

Last week, a video of a brawl between police officers and protestors on the streets of Chicago went viral. The video, which can be viewed above, has amassed over 3 million views on Twitter.

The video of the brawl was shared by a Twitter user who goes by “mack.” She tweeted, “I’m sharing this to show that White people can literally beat on the cops and there were no shots fired, no one got beat, NOTHING. They let them beat they **s. These people deescalated an arrest and the guy got away.”

She also said: “For everyone asking me to remove this video because of the young lady having her hair exposed after a cop ripped off her hijab by the police officer, her face is not visible in this video. This video needs to be spread so that this officer can be punished for his actions.”

Mack continued, “In the video you can clearly see he pulls a boy by his hair in an attempt to restrain him. Then he pulls off the young lady’s hijab. That s**t was uncalled for, he needs to face disciplinary action.”

The current status of the officers and protestors involved in the brawl are unclear.

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