Florida Woman’s ‘Deep State’ Rant at Palm Beach Meeting Goes Viral

Palm Beach Meeting

Twitter A resident at the Palm Beach County meeting.

A Palm Beach, Florida, commissioner’s meeting became heated on June 23 when residents disputed the unanimous vote to make face masks mandatory. Video of one Florida resident started trending on social media due to her passionate speech making reference to Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton and more.

The video was shared by Rex Chapman, a former basketball star and now social media influencer, and has so far been viewed over a million times:

Many other clips of the meeting were posted online, with social media users saying the scenes of angry residents resembled those in the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation. The meeting took place on June 23 and commissioners agreed in a 7-0 vote to make masks mandatory for all residents and visitors over age 2 to Palm Beach County beginning June 25. Masks are required in public buildings like grocery stores and restaurants, as well as outdoors when social distancing can’t be practiced, according to WPBF.

Video of the Meeting Showed Many Residents Expressing Their Anger at the Decision

Videos of the meeting showed that many residents were unhappy with the commissioners’ decision. In the video posted above, the unnamed Florida woman says, “You literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask knowing that that mask is killing people. It literally is killing people. And the people, we the people, are waking up.”

She later says, “Every single one of you that are obeying the devil’s laws are going to be arrested.” She also states that they are going to be “punished by God.” She ends her speaking time by saying, “What happened to Bill Gates? Why is he not in jail? Why is Hillary Clinton not in jail? Why are all of these pedophiles that are demanding you all to listen to their rules, why are they not in jail? Oh, is it because you’re a part of them? Are you part of the deep state? The deep state is going down, and if any of you are in the deep state, you’re going down with it.”

Another video shows a second resident arguing against mandatory mask-wearing:

In the video, the resident says: “I don’t wear a mask for the same reason I don’t wear underwear: things gotta breathe.”

Many Social Media Users Commented on the Meeting & Compared It to ‘Parks and Recreation’

Many responded to the video on Twitter and compared the Palm Beach residents to those on sitcom Parks and Recreation. One user shared the video with the caption: “For those who never understood watching parks and recreation.” Another said, “This is like a scene from Parks and Recreation.”

One user wrote in response to the woman’s angry speech: “I’m worried about this Florida woman with tangential speech, she needs a psych evaluation STAT!” Another said, “America, we’ve had a run.”

Florida has experienced a surge in COVID-19 cases, with the state reporting 3,286 new cases on June 23 for a total of 103,503 overall, CNN reported. The outlet said experts believe the surge in cases is due to businesses starting to reopen in the state combined with a rise in the availability of testing. They have not yet determined if the recent protests across the country have contributed to a rise in coronavirus cases, the outlet reported.

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