Yes, the Karen Fire Is a Real California Fire: Here’s How It Got the Name

Cal Fire

Yes, there really is a fire in California right now called the “Karen Fire.” It’s now trending on Twitter and people can’t help but make jokes since “Karen” has been a trending theme over the last couple of months. But the Karen Fire really is a legitimate fire and not just a meme. Read on to find out what’s happening and how the fire got its name.

The Fire Started Near Karen Lane in Riverside County, California

Fires are typically named based on the locations where they begin. So the names are often associated with the streets where the fire started. In this case, the Karen Fire started near Karen Lane, thus it’s called “Karen Fire.”

The Karen Fire started at Sierra Avenue and Karen Lane in Jurupa Valley, California, according to the Riverside County Fire Department’s incident page for the fire.

Here’s a map of where the fire started. You may need to click “OK” to get rid of the splash screen below in order to see the map.

The fire started at around 3:09 p.m. on Saturday, July 25. As of the time of publication, no evacuations had been issued, no structures had been damaged or destroyed, and there were no injuries reported.

As of 6:15 p.m. local time, the fire had grown to 150 acres and was only 10% contained. At 4:50 p.m. it was only 40 acres, so the fire is growing at a moderate rate. Westerly winds of about 17 mph and high temperatures are helping the fire’s growth.

So far, 225 firefighters, two helicopters, and 34 engine companies have been assigned to respond to the Karen Fire. Here’s another map of the fire’s approximate location, as shared by Cal Fire.

Cal Fire

According to San Bernardino County Fire, two roads are closed from the Karen Fire.

Here’s a video of the fire.

Here’s another video of the fire.

Some people said they could see the fire from their homes.

One person said on Twitter that it was scary to see the fire so close.

People on Twitter Are Sharing Memes & Jokes About the Fire

Of course, some memes and jokes are circulating on Twitter about the fire.

Here’s another tweet about the fire.

Some people joked that they thought this would be another Karen video before they saw that it was an actual fire.

Others are saying that the name Karen Fire is perfectly appropriate for 2020.

Here’s another GIF laughing about the Karen Fire.

A lot of jokes have a similar theme.

And this tweet is getting a lot of attention.

One person said they thought the name was trending because it was going to be about a team of Karens committing arson.

One person was disappointed to learn it was an actual fire that was trending.

Another person wrote: “Wow. I thought the #KarenFire was a joke, but it’s actually a real fire with that name. Thanks again 2020!”

How to Stay Updated on the Fire

If you’re in the area, you’ll want to stay updated on the fire, since details can change rapidly when wildfires are active. These resources are helpful:

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