Melissa Reeves Wasn’t Fired From ‘Days of Our Lives’ for ‘Black Lives Matter’ Posts

Melissa Reeves

Getty Melissa Reeves attends NBC's 'Days Of Our Lives' press event on November 09, 2019 in Universal City, California.

Entertainment site TVLine had to issue a retraction on July 14 after it falsely claimed that actor Melissa Reeves had been fired from her role on Days of our Lives. On Monday evening, TVLine posted a story titled “‘Days of our Lives’ Melissa Reeves Fired in Wake of Anti-Black Lives Matter Controversy,” which erroneously claimed that Reeves had been fired from the soap show after she received heat over her stance on Black Lives Matter. The story was picked up by various other outlets, leading many people to believe she had been fired.

The following day, on July 14, TVLine issued a retraction which clarified that Reeves is in fact still employed by the show. The statement, posted to the outlet’s website, reads:

Due to technical error, a story was briefly published on TVLine on Monday evening — and has since surfaced on several of our partner feeds, most notably Yahoo — that erroneously claims Days of Our Lives has fired Melissa Reeves. The story is false. Melissa Reeves has not been fired from Days of Our Lives. In the meantime, we apologize for the error.

The retraction was also posted to Twitter.

TVLine Did Not Provide Any Further Explanation for Erroneously Publishing the Post

A Fox News article on the false report of Reeves’ firing indicates that TVLine did not provide additional information when asked. Fox wrote that it asked TVLine whether the outlet had prepared a post in the event that Reeves was fired for her comments, but they did not receive a response.

TVLine has not provided any additional information about the technical error that could have led to this story being released. Michael Ausiello, the president and executive director of the outlet, also clarified on his Twitter that the story was false and apologized for the error:

Reeves Was Criticized Last Month When Fans Found Out She Liked Posts Denouncing the Black Lives Matter Movement

Reeves was criticized for some of the posts she liked on Instagram last month in the midst of the protests over George Floyd’s death in police custody. Fans learned that the 53-year-old actor had liked some Instagram comments made by commentator Candace Owens denouncing the Black Lives Matter movement.

On June 11, Owens posted about the movement, writing: “Let’s play a game called SHAM organization. Black lives Matter incorporated has raised hundreds of millions of dollars and it is not charity). Take some time today and try to figure out why it has no central location, and why it doesn’t seem to be registered anywhere. 1,000 dollars for whoever can answer this question: to what corporation does the money wind up when you donate to Black Lives Matter online?”

On the same day, Owens also said, “I wonder if we’re moving past the point of reconciliation with the Left. Maybe we’d be happier letting them pick a few states they can turn into their own country [with] no guns, no police, no statues, no genders, no flags, no men & no electricity. The United Freaks of America.”

Reeves’ verified Instagram account liked both posts, Fox News reported. At the time, her actions on the social media platform were shared on Twitter, and many fans criticized the actor for her stance.

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