Miracle Boyd: 18-Year-Old Chicago Girl Recovering After Officer Knocks Her Teeth Out

Miracle Boyd

GoodKids MadCity Twitter Miracle Boyd.

Miracle Boyd is an 18-year-old Chicago activist who is recovering after a police officer was filmed punching her in the mouth, knocking out several of her teeth.

The encounter happened on July 17 at a protest organized by Black and Indigenous Youth in Grant Park, according to BuzzFeed News.

Boyd had finished speaking to a crowd near the park’s Christopher Columbus statue when she heard loud bangs, she told the outlet. The 18-year-old began recording on Facebook Live and followed the noise.

Boyd said she found police “beating a white woman with a baton” and “macing everyone,” BuzzFeed reported.

Her stream captured an officer confronting Boyd and knocking her phone out of her hand, the outlet continued.

Bystander footage from across the street shows Boyd backing away from the officer when he takes a swing at her face.

“I felt that my tooth was gone and I felt like I was going fucking crazy,” Boyd said to Buzzfeed. “This happened in like five minutes — from me saying I’m leaving to me getting my teeth knocked out.”

At least 18 police officers were injured and 12 people were arrested during the demonstration, NBC Chicago reported. Police told the station that “several items like rocks, frozen water bottles and fireworks were thrown at officers.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot took to Facebook to condemn the protesters attacking police officers. She also noted that excessive force is “unacceptable.”

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability announced that it is investigating several reports of police misconduct related to the protest, including Boyd’s case, according to a statement obtained by NBC Chicago.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Police News Affairs office told the Block Club Chicago that it was not familiar with Boyd’s incident.

“The Chicago Police Department strives to treat all individuals our officers encounter with respect,” the statement reads, according to the outlet. “We do not tolerate misconduct of any kind and if any wrongdoing is discovered, officers will be held accountable. Anyone who feels they have been mistreated by a CPD officer is encouraged to call 311 and file a complaint with COPA, who will investigate allegations of misconduct.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Miracle Boyd:

1. Boyd is a Member of ‘GoodKids MadCity,’ Which Tweeted Out the Footage of Her Encounter

Boyd is a member of GoodKids MadCity, a youth activist group dedicated to supporting “underserved communities,” according to its Facebook page. The group has raised over $10,000 through its mutual aid campaign, which provides emergency funds to Black and brown youth, Injustice Watch disclosed.

The activist told Block Club Chicago that she was attempting to assist a protester who was being arrested when the officer approached her.

“He walked up to me and smacked me,” Boyd told the outlet on July 19. “I don’t know if the phone hit me in the mouth, I don’t know if his hand hit me in the mouth.”

“I was just crying hysterically,” she added. “I looked on the ground for my phone, and it was gone and I just ran away.”

GoodKids MadCity tweeted out a photo of Boyd’s injuries, calling for justice with the hashtag #DefundCPD.

It also posted the bystander’s footage of the altercation.

2. Boyd is a Recent Graduate of the Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy in Ashburn

On June 11, Chicago Public Schools congratulated Boyd on Twitter on graduating from the Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy.

The Academy is a CPS Early College STEM School that seeks to bridge the gap between high school, college and the workforce to “prepare students for technology jobs of the future,” according to its website.

The tweet disclosed that Boyd plans to pursue a secondary education at DePaul University, a private Catholic research school located in the city.

3. Boyd Was Offered an Internship with Illinois Sen. Robert Peters

The Block Club Chicago reported that the 18-year-old was offered an internship with the senator a week prior.

Peters was among the many public figures to vocalize his support for Boyd on social media.

“[An] 18-year-old who fights every day for gun violence prevention, who fights for a safe community, and what did she face? Abuse,” he wrote in a July 17 tweet.

Kofi Ademola, an organizer with Black Lives Matter Chicago, also condemned the police department, tweeting, “Don’t let the Mayor or city Council sleep until we get the justice we demand!”

4. A GoFundMe for Boyd’s Medical Expenses has Raised Over $80,000

The fundraiser was created July 19 by Anthony Clark, a high school teacher and Director of Suburban Unity Alliance. The GoFundMe seeks to support Boyd’s “journey to repair” from the “physical & emotional damage done by this violent encounter,” according to its website.

Clark states that all funds will go toward Boyd’s medical, dental and mental health expenses.

So far, more than $80,000 have been donated. The fundraiser was put on pause at the time of this article’s publication.

The page also calls for the mayor and police department to release the name of the officer involved.

5. Boyd Co-Wrote a Story About Activism in ‘Injustice Watch’

On July 15, Injustice Watch published a story written by Boyd and China Smith, titled “Essential Work: Young Black activists ‘in the middle of history’ confront Covid-19, racism, and trauma.”

The co-authors wrote essays detailing their personal experiences dating back to March, when officials first enacted a stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Boyd chronicled her experience as an “essential worker” in the fast-food industry, as well as a caretaker for her grandma, who contracted COVID-19.

“I’ve been trying to stay focused, doing essential work, as a three-level pandemic rips through my community,” she wrote. “I’m talking about the coronavirus that has disproportionately plagued Black and brown lives, and the devastating poverty and anti-Blackness that existed before COVID-19.”

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